The Christian County Health Department announced zero new COVID-19 related deaths this week and that the number of new cases continues to slowly decrease from week to week.

According to the health department, the total cases for the county have moved to 10,462 as of Friday.

The county has seen an increase of cases by 115 since last week, on Oct. 8. The previous week saw an increase of 142 between Oct. 1 and Oct. 8. While the week prior saw an increase of 231 between Sept. 24 and Oct. 1, revealing a steady drop in new cases over the last three weeks.

Of the 10,462 total cases, 207 of them are currently active cases, down from 272 since last week. Meanwhile, 10,126 cases have recovered from the virus.

Within the currently active cases, 48 are people aged zero to 21, 117 are between 22 and 59 and 41 are 60 to 84. There is only one active case for ages 85 and older as of this week.

Of the 115 new cases this week, 18, or 16%, are considered breakthrough cases. Breakthrough cases mean that individuals who have been vaccinated have tested positive for the coronavirus. Last week breakthrough cases consisted of 9% of active cases.

The demographic breakdown of the new cases contracted this week is as follows: 24, or 21%, are pediatric cases, while 75 (65%) of the new cases are caucasians, 16 (14%) are Black, 2 (2%) are other and 22 (19%) are unknown.

CCHD also provided updated statistics on the amount of COVID vaccinations that have been administered in the county since last week.

The total number of individuals who have received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine has increased this week to 14,793, up from 14,758 last week. As for the second doses of the Moderna vaccine, this week is now at 13,585, while last week it was at 13,548. The total number of the third dose is now up to 112. As of last week the number was at 104.

As for the total number of Pfizer first doses, this week was at 242, while last week was 223. This week’s number of second doses of the Pfizer vaccine increased to a total of 222, while last week the second doses was at a total of 148. The health department also gave out 26 third doses of the Pfizer vaccine, last week CCHD administered only 10 third doses.

The total number of Johnson & Johnson vaccines is now at 926, up from 914.

The health department will continue hosting drive thru testing at the health department Monday through Thursday from 7:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Following approval by the Hopkinsville City Council, CCHD, in partnership with Jennie Stuart Health and Pennyrile Area Development District, is currently offering $100 to the first 1,000 Hopkinsville residents who start and finish the COVID-19 vaccine series of their choice between Monday, Sept. 13 and Oct. 31.

That offer is part of an incentive program in order to increase the amount of local individuals vaccinated and to bring Christian County out of the bottom of state vaccination rates.

The incentive is available to those who provide ID or proof of a Hopkinsville residence at the time of their first dose.

CCHD adds that payment will not be made at the initial visit, but only after receipt of the second dose or at a later date if receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

As previously reported by the New Era, CCHD believes the majority of the new cases are due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

CCHD recommends that everyone follow the COVID safety precautions that were implemented previously when the county was in red.

Those include frequent hand washing, avoiding large social gatherings, especially among people who have not been vaccinated and wearing a mask for additional protection, especially indoors.

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