Linda Compton, 68, Cadiz, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty Tuesday morning in Trigg District Court on 43 counts of alleged animal cruelty and 43 counts of failure to vaccinate.

Compton was charged with animal cruelty Aug. 28 after 46 dogs were seized from her property on Rockcastle Road.

Compton was entered into a plea of not guilty by Judge Natalie White after County Attorney Randall Braboy said he was not prepared to offer a plea deal at the time of court.

"We are not prepared to offer a plea deal at this time," Braboy said Tuesday. "Likely this will be a structured deal with ability to own animals in the future to be decided on."

Compton will appear in district court next Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

Animal Control Officer Torrie Davis of the Trigg County Sheriff's Office said this is the largest animal cruelty case she has seen in her time in the position.

Davis said she received an anonymous tip about a property on Rockcastle Road in Trigg County. The caller reported several dogs were in unfit living conditions and not being properly cared for.

Davis said that is exactly what she found when she and three volunteers arrived at the property.

"From what I gathered from the owner of the animals, it was up to two weeks worth of feces that the animals were living in," Davis said about the living conditions. "The dogs were unable to escape the cages that they were in and were matted and caked in their own feces and urine."

Jennifer Mosier, the social media coordinator for the Christian County Animal Shelter and one of the volunteers on scene Aug. 28, said the food and water provided for the animals was full of mold and the cages they were living in were much too small for the animals.

Davis and the other volunteers took the animals to the Christian County Animal Shelter where 38 of the dogs were up for adoption Thursday morning. Many of the animals were dirty, matted, had skin infections, and the worst cases were infected with heartworms, but Davis reported there were no signs of aggression from any of the dogs.

A crowd of more than 50 people gathered outside of the animal shelter Thursday morning, ready to bring these dogs home with them and give them a better life.

Mosier is hopeful all of the seized dogs will be adopted but also hopes this event will bring awareness to other dogs who need adoption in the shelter.

Currently, 64 cats and 112 dogs in the shelter are up for adoption.

The Christian County Animal Shelter is open from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information on the shelter and how to adopt, visit their Facebook page.

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