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On Saturday morning, the community gathered together inside The War Memorial Building to honor Veterans. Despite the heavy storms that took, the community in attendance was seen giving thanks and respect to those who served the country.

Hopkinsville Parks and Recreation is known for serving the recreational and leisure interests and needs of Hopkinsville and Christian County residents, while promoting local and regional events.

Over the weekend, heavy rain and thunderstorms came to town delaying and postponing several events for the community to attend.

Of the canceled events, Hopkinsville Parks and Recreation annual Veterans Day Parade was canceled due to the heavy showers but they managed to celebrate in a different location.

On Saturday November 5, 2022 at the War Memorial Building, a brief ceremony was held honoring veterans of the community.

Serving in America’s Armed Forces is one of the most courageous and selfless decisions citizens of this country can make. By doing so.. Those who choose that path in life should always be honored for the decision of putting their lives on the line in pursuit to protect the country.

Mayor Wendell Lynch and Judge Executive Steve Tribble were seen giving a proclamation of the special day. Mayor Lynch gave a few remarks before Judge Tribble read the proclamation.

“This is the third year that the Judge and I have had the privilege of being apart of this event, each year it raises my heart even higher, because when I think about the sacrifices of our veterans… of those who have gone on before and those who are serving in uniform today, it makes me feel safe and secure alongside everyone in this Country. Thank you all for the services you render and we are happy to present this proclamation today,” said mayor Lynch.

At the ceremony, Christian County High School was awarded for their JROTC program.

Robbie Sipes with the Christian County Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee also gave remarks to the community in attendance.

“We can never thank our veterans enough for what you’ve done for our country. They say freedom is not free and you all know this most of all. While today is simply one day of the year, it’s important to remember each and every day in their sacrifices and selfless service that these individuals have given us to stand for today. Again… Thank you,” said Sipes.

While Veterans Day is approaching, special thanks are given to those who currently serve and have served in the military. Our community celebrates the efforts of people who have served or continue to serve in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

To all the brave soldiers, we give thanks and will always honor the work and sacrifices made each day in and day out.

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