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The fifth annual Kuttawa Cannonball Run was held June 4-5 at Barkley and Kentucky lakes.

For the fifth year, Hu-B’s/Kuttawa Harbor Marina, owned by locals Wayne and Lisa Breedlove, served as the home base for the boaters participating in the run. There were boaters participating from 19 states. Jeff Hoefling, Terry Martin and Stephen Miles organized the event.

“Jeff Hoefling and myself came up with this idea five years ago. Him, his girlfriend, Audra, me and my wife, Heather, did all of the planning and organizing in the beginning,” Miles said. “Our dear friends and fellow boaters Mike and Cynthia Lewis also helped with the organizing in the beginning. I’ve since stepped back and filled more of a sponsorship and advisory role, and we brought in our good friend Terry Martin for more organizing and for the social media.”

A charity auction was also held Saturday at Hu-B’s and it raised over $50,000 for the benefitting charities. Auction items were donated by Stephen Miles Design, Lively Machine Co., JP Marine, Florida Power Boat Club, Speed on the Water, Demon Bikini, Mercury Racing, Jack Lindenberger, Boat Babe/Shelby Mattingly, Hucks/Mark Bailey and Lake Cumberland Thunder run.

Overall $95,000 was raised and, after expenses, roughly $75,000 will be donated. Funds will go to Lyon County Emergency Management, Lyon County Sheriff’s Camp and a few other miscellaneous charities.

Participant boats this year

• Jeff Hoefling’s 42’ Fountain Lightning “Too Lively Crew”

• Matt and Jennifer Jamniczky’s 340 MTI “Never Say Never”

• Terry and Melanie Martin’s 34’ Sunsation CCX “ALL in II”

• Stephen and Heather Miles 37’ Outer Limits CC,

• James Hicks 35’ Motion “Motion Sickness”

• Gerald Brown’s 47’ Fountain “Full Stick”

• Shawn Pevlor’s 39’ Hustler “Realdeal”

• Ronald Harris’ 38’ ”No Disrespect”

• Micahel Caliguri’s 35’ Formula Fastech “Go Time”

• Ronald Plunk’s 42’ Fountain “Ron-Devu”

• Michael Borner’s 31’ Sonic “Throttle Therapy”

• Dan Weiss 47’ Fountain “SKYYs the Limit”

• Doug Ver Steegh’s 33’ Baja “Motorboatin”

• Jay and Amanda Mason’s 42’ Fountain “Just the Tip”

• James Erwin’s 32’ Sunsation “Sunsatiable”

• Brian Shelton’s 40’MTI “Liv 4 Today”

• Corbin Brigner’s 35’ Fountain Lightning “Lightning”

• Chris Flenner’s 34’ Sunsation “OCD”

• Blair Davis 36’ Nortexh “BFD”

• Leo Shiner Jr’s 35’ Fountain “Exhilaration”

• David Trausch’s 45’ Sonic, George Morgan’s 25’ Sunsation “Captain Morgan”

• Adam and Seraphine’s 43’ Outerlimits “Outerlimits”

• Brian and Penn’s 35’ Fountain “Long Shot”

• Chad Miller’s 39’ Outerlimits “Ragged Edge,” Troy Bachman’s 32’ Sunsation “Not Enough II”

• Bill Carr’s 32’ Active Thunder “Apprehension”

• Steve Young’s 38’ Statement “Nauti Habit”

• Derek Kennedy’s 33’ Outlaw Baja “Casually Trashy”

• Ryan and Kate Davidson’s Fountain, Brian Teigland’s 34’ Eliminator “Grape Ape”

• Richard Tschida’s 46’ Outerlimits “Topless”

• Dale Minnick’s 38’ Donzi “Donzi Dale”

• TW Mock’s 42’ Fountain “Wicked”

• Chad and Rita Combs’ Sunsation 334 CCX “Where ya At?”

• John Myric Jr’s 33’ Scarab “The Office”

• Mark Godsey’s 39’ MTI “Project Mayhem”

• Benjamin Morgan’s 35’ Fountain “Too Crude”

• Gary Ash’s 27’ Powerquest “Ash in the Sand”

• Jack Gladke’s 38’ Donzi “Red Baron”

• Jeff Jones 32’ Sunsation “Gone Insane”

• Roy and Amanda Jorgenson’s 52’ Hustler “Carpe Diem”

• Kelly O’Hara’s 36’ MTI “Holy Cow”

• Ryan Jobe’s 35’ Fountain “Worth It”

• Devon Wozencraft’s 30’ Skater “Wozencraft”

• Asa Rainey’s 38’ Powerquest “Rainey Daze”

• Chad Stoyell’s 42’ Fountain “Ride the Lightning”

• John Davis’ 30’ Adrenaline “V30”

• Anthony and Samantha Schlabach’s 38’ Fountain,

• Steven Langley’s 35’ Fountain “Lightning”

• Chris Mattingly’s 46’ Outerlimits “Never Enuff”

• Tim Taulbee’s 33’ Donzi “Ante Up”

• Jason and Michael Burghardt’s 38’ Donzi “Essence of Speed”

• Matthew Williams’ 47’ Fountain “Wet Pleasure”

• Erik Robling’s 35’ Baja “Zero Patience”

• Joseph Gatrost’s 26’ Eliminator “Temporary Insanity”

• Dustin Wilson’s 27’ Baja “Loan’n Life”

• Josh Warner’s 33’ Active Thunder “Easy Lighting”

• Blair Beyer’s 32’ Fountain “Don’t Hold Back”

• Curt Getchman’s 43’ Black Thunder “Daze of Thunder”

• Dallas Word’s 29’ Baja Outlaw “Bootlegger Hustle”

• Richard Miller Jr’s 35’ Fountain “Millertime”

• Joseph Brabek’s 52’ Outerlimits “Over Compensating”

• Kevin Berman’s 37’ Active Thunder

• Robert Wright’s 30’ Kachina Drone “Wright Choice”

• Jonathan Fisher’s 28’ Nordic “2 Row”

• Andy Robinette’s 44’ Outerlimits “Fuelish Addictions”

• Howard Boxley’s 42’ Outerlimits

• Troy Williams’ 28’ Conquest “Topcat”

• Rex Robinson’s 27’ Baja “Nauti Power”

• Chad Combs’ 34’ Sunsation “Where ya At”

• Ryan Davidson’s 42’ Fountain “The Playpen 2”

• Chris Alexander’s 29’ Fountain “American Modern”

• Greg Huff’s 42’ Baja “Brotherhood”

• Kyle Brinkman’s 27’ Baja Boss “Shenanigans”

• Danny Robbins’ 33’ Baja “Double Down”

• Dave Shelton’s 35’ Statement

• Eric Hildebrand’s 28’ Sunsations “Going Grey”

• Bruce Arnette’s 42’ Fountain “Bad Parenting”

• Mike and Victoria Livorsi’s 38’ Fountain “Fuelish Habit”

• Todd and Lanell Guthrie’s 35’ Baja Outlaw

• Mark Brennan’s 39’ Cigarette “Boosted Adrenaline”

• Brett Cummins 35’ Formula “Trans Am”

• William Jones’ 35’ Formula “License to Chill”

• Richard Milstead’s 36’ Nortech “Cat Gotcha Tongue”

• Mike Lewis’ 42’ Fountain “That’s How We Roll”

• Monte Stephenson’s 30’ Spectra “Concrete Hard”

• Patrick FeldHaus’ 35’ 2005 Formula Fastech “Bread Money”

• Jessie Speaks’ 48.8’ Sunsation

• Don and Cara MacCleods’ Outerlimits SL 51 “Gotta Go IV”

• Jeff Peek’s 36’ Spectra “Whipple Twister”

• Matthew Ray’s 32’ Sunsation Dominator “Liquid Asset”

• Scott Lanham’s 35’ Fountain

• Patrick Calvin’s 31’ Wellcraft

• Nathan Jones 26’ American Offshore “Pier Pleasure.”

Sponsors for this year’s run

• Lively Machine

• Stephen Miles Design

• Hu B’s (Kuttawa) Marina

• Hu B’s Offshore

• The Breakers Marina

• Prizer Point

• Kentucky Tourism

• Lake Barkley

• Media Mix Communications

• Heritage Custom Trailers

• Huck’s Market

• Appraisal Company Inc.

• WIA Marine Insurance

• Mercure Racing

• C&R Group General Contractors

• Jamniczky Contracting

• David Shelton Homes, LLC

• Fligeltaub

• Jobe Auto & Diesel

• Holy Cow!!!

• Southern Concrete Products

• Capital Electric Inc.

• Xtreme Marine LLC

• Boat Babe

• Austin Homes

• Demon Bikini

• Valor Oil

• Florida Powerboat Club and Extreme Electric Inc.

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