City of Oak Grove recently accepted three solid waste bids during a public meeting at Oak Grove City Hall.

Bids were accepted from Airborne Disposal, Bobby Outlaw Disposal Service, LLC, and Waste Industries. All three bidding companies are located in Clarksville, Tennessee.

According to the bid form, which is open record, bidders agreed to collect, transport, store and dispose of solid waste located within the incorporated areas of Oak Grove, in strict compliance with the Bid Specifications, General Instructions and terms of the Oak Grove Solid Waste Management Ordinance.

Anyone can access these bid forms by filing an Open Records Request at Oak Grove City Hall.

For residents, Airborne Disposal will charge $11.40 per month for baseline services, which includes pick up once a week. Airborne Disposal will charge $18.70 per month for baseline services plus yard trimming/tree limb pick-up. For $22.40 per month, Airborne Disposal will provide baseline services, yard trimming/tree limb pick-up and recyclables.

Airborne Disposal will pay a 10% franchise fee to the city of Oak Grove.

"The city will be sectioned off in five separate routes, each to be serviced a minimum of one time per week. Recycle services will be routed on a weekly or

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bi-weekly basis serviced on the same day as the MSW," according to Airborne Disposal's bid form. "Branch and limb collection will be serviced on regular service days every week. Both MSW and recycle will be serviced with 96-gallon containers properly labelled as such."

All containers will be provided and serviced by Airborne Disposal.

According to the bid form submitted by Bobby Outlaw Disposal Service, LLC, residents will pay a baseline rate of $15.33 for one cart service once a week. A discounted baseline rate of $8.66 will be charged to senior citizens.

Bobby Outlaw Disposal Services, LLC will collect up to five bags of yard trimmings from each residence curbside per week at no extra cost. Tree limbs in 2-foot by 2-foot by 5-foot bundles at curbside will be picked up at no extra cost. Bulky waste to include tires at $30 each, appliances at $10 each, mattresses at $3 each and furniture at $5 each will be picked up at curbside, according to the bid form.

Customers can transport yard trimmings, tree limbs, bulky waste, rubbish and extra trash to the "roll off" located at city hall at no extra charge.

"There is no way to predict future market values in recyclables," according to Bobby Outlaw Disposal, LLC's bid form. "We can provide recycling services based on customer demand using the market value to process recyclables in December 2020. We would use the business model currently utilized by the city of Hopkinsville, Kentucky."

Bobby Oulaw Disposal, LLC will charge 60 cents per residential customer per month to pay the franchise fee to the city. Residents will be charged an additional 60 cents per month for the collection of the monthly bill by the Oak Grove Utilities Office, according to the bid form.

Waste Industries will charge $10.87 per home per month for residential services, according to the bid form they submitted. Waste Industries will pay a 5% franchise fee to the city of Oak Grove per month.

The next Oak Grove City Council regular meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 6 at Council Chambers inside Oak Grove City Hall, 8505 Pembroke-Oak Grove Road. Residents will have the opportunity to address the council during open session at the meeting.

For more information, call 270-439-4646.

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