Jenna Wiggleton

Heritage Christian Academy student Jenna Wiggleton is the 2020 recipient of the Women Educating Women Scholarship presented by the Hopkinsville Human Rights Commission.

To celebrate Womens’ History Month each year, The Human Rights Commission of Hopkinsville-Christian County gives a $500 Women Educating Women Scholarship to a local student.

Jenna Wiggleton beat 11 other applicants and was awarded the scholarship. Applicants typed a 400-word essay describing their view on the women’s right to vote.

Idalia Luna, HRC executive director, said all of the applicants names were redacted before the judges read the essays. This cemented fairness in the process.

“Voting is a key aspect in the American government,” Wiggleton wrote in her essay. “In America, we have the unique opportunity to elect our leaders.

“Without the representation of women, America is not a true democracy, because the entire population is not represented.”

Luna said Wiggleton’s essay stood out the most to the selection committee.

“She just provided a stellar writing piece with what the 100-year celebration is all about,” she said.

In her essay, Wiggleton compared America to other countries regarding womens’ voting rights.

“Sadly, women’s rights are not a priority in these other nations, as they are often treated as inferior to men,” she wrote. “American women not only have the right to vote but can be involved in the election process.”

She added that women in America are privileged and should not take their rights for granted.

“Women may feel silenced or overlooked in other areas of their life, such as the workplace,” She wrote. “However, when women recognize their right to vote, they are truly heard.”

She added that with the right to vote, women should stay informed in the workings of government.

“As a woman, I feel that voting is the most important civic duty that one can perform,” she wrote. “It is a right that the suffragettes fought extremely hard for, and I will never forget their dedication.”

With her writing, Wiggleton showed that the future of government Christian County is in good hands.

“She really complied with the real purpose of the essay,” Luna said. “She really talked about the rights of women and how we can activate ourselves to continue to use our rights and to just encourage women across the world to voice their rights.”

Wiggleton is a student at Heritage Christian Academy, where she was named Jr. Prom Princess in 2019 and is a member of the academic team. Wiggleton is also a participant of Hopkinsville Youth Leadership.

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