Editor’s Note: This story contains language some readers might find offensive.

No one will mistake Walton Mayor Gabe Brown with Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear.

The two have the same message about the coronavirus, but their delivery is a little different.

  • “Listen up dipshits and sensible people,” Brown wrote Monday night in a post on Facebook’s popular Boone County Neighborhood Group. “I might not have the best bedside manor. (sic) I might not put you at ease like the Governor does, but I don’t care. You need to realize that this is a serious ordeal. In fact, it’s a big f*cking deal. Stay at home.”

Beshear has drawn attention for his calm demeanor during his daily coronavirus press conferences at the Kentucky Capitol, where he drives home the message that people need to stay home and practice social distancing in an attempt to control the spread.

Brown has the same message. Just don’t expect him to draw any comparisons to Mr. Rogers.

As of Monday, Kentucky’s coronavirus case total stood at 124, including four deaths. Beshear announced the first confirmed coronavirus case in Boone County — which is across the Ohio River from Cincinnati and where Walton is located — on Monday.

Brown was appointed as Walton’s mayor in 2018 to fill an unexpired term and won without opposition that November. He previously made headlines for offering to let the Boone County Sheriff’s Department tase him (he was doing it for charity, which makes it honorable instead of idiotic) and for losing a Fortnite dance-off with a Walton preteen.

The coronavirus, though, is no joke, he said. Brown said he’s on multiple conference calls every day discussing how to slow the spread and keep the county safe, and if people in the region aren’t acting with caution, they need to start.

“Treat this seriously. If you don’t, then screw you (f*ck you is what I want to say, but I can’t),” he wrote, effectively saying what he said he couldn’t say.

“Be responsible. If you don’t, then screw you,” he wrote.

Brown said testing has been limited and more cases are coming, which is why it’s important to stay indoors and away from others who could be at higher risk if they come into contact with the virus, including older adults and people with underlying medical conditions.

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