Dear Editor,

I recently retired as Executive Director of the Kentucky County Attorneys’ Association, a position I was privileged to hold for more than a decade. Prior to assuming that position, I had twice been elected Powell County Judge Executive and also served as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy. During my time in all these posts, I worked with many dedicated men and women serving their communities. I have also witnessed a few who were not well suited for the public trust they possessed.

Working with county attorneys this past decade, I have first-hand up-close professional experience with their unique and enormous responsibilities.

In addition to their prosecutorial duties, they serve as legal advisors to the county government and other local officials.

I feel compelled to write this letter to voice my thoughts on John Soyars. The residents of Christian County are fortunate to have a man of his stature serving as County Attorney. From the beginning of my time working with him, he has demonstrated his concern for public safety and has served as an example of what it means to be a firm, fair and even-handed prosecutor.

I am not at all surprised by his early accomplishments in office. I knew John when he served as the long-time assistant under former County Attorney Mike Foster. Mike’s legacy of providing unrivaled leadership all across the Commonwealth of Kentucky is well known among county attorneys and Kentucky government officials. While serving in elective office, he was a mentor to many hundreds of men and women on what it means to be an exceptional public servant. It was my privilege to be one of those men.

I will always be grateful for Mike’s help and encouragement, and it is an honor to have his friendship.

Officials with the executive board of the Kentucky County Attorneys Association are again looking to Christian County for wisdom and counsel. This time John Soyars is the public official being asked to serve in leadership roles that are crucial on criminal justice, legislative and policy issues. Having known John for several years, it is no surprise to me that he is making his mark by earning the well-deserved respect of his colleagues.

John recently received the gubernatorial appointment to the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council. PAC is the decision-making body that allocates state funds to County and Commonwealth Attorneys across the state. In his first term, John is already building a remarkable record of accomplishment.

As I leave public service, I want to say it has truly been an honor to have this opportunity to work with John Soyars. I know he will continue to serve admirably and provide leadership for the people of Christian County and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Bill Patrick


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