Time to move the utilities

To The Kentucky New Era,

Since we have just had hurricane Hanna on the Texas coast and predictions of days before electrical services will be restored, I believe it is an ideal time to consider putting electrical, telephone, and cable lines underground just like we have pipelines for oil, natural gas, water, and sewerage, presently. I realize if this was done, electrical, telephone and cable lines would have to be transmitted through insulated wires! It is already in cities like New York City.

The two arguments I would see generated in opposition are: “Yes, but New York City is only a small area and the whole country is a much larger area!” “Yes, but it would be much more expensive than stringing the wires overhead!”

My answer to these two arguments are as follows: “Yes, but the country I am a native of, Germany, does it countrywide!” “Yes, it would cost more to install those lines, however, the extra cost would be offset by the reduction in maintenance costs! Hopefully, electrical services would not be interrupted to those that have electrical devices on which their life depends!

All responsible comments are welcome as usual.


Rolf S. Pitsch,

Hopkinsville, KY

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