Despite a huge run in the second half, the Christian County defense couldn’t bury the Graves County Eagles as they scored twice in the final four minutes to take down the Colonels 44-36.

For Christian County, it was a game they thought they had lost and won multiple times. After a sluggish first half, the Colonels found themselves down 20-12, despite two touchdowns from senior running back JaDonavin McNeal.

McNeal had a career night with 247 rushing yards and five touchdowns in the loss.

He said their run in the second half proved to be their downfall.

“We felt like we won the game already then that’s when we started to slow down,” he said.

The Colonels decided against going for it on 4th and 1 late in the fourth after being stuffed earlier in the game. With the game tied 36-36, Christian County attempted a punt but it was dropped by Jase Polley and he was sacked to put the Eagles in a favorable position to win the game.

Lovelace said he wanted to let the game clock run and take the penalty so the Eagles would have to call a timeout, but it didn’t go as he had hoped.

All in all, Lovelace said his team responded after a rough first 24 mintues.

“We got down, we played flat early,” he said. “We came back, we fought back and played better the third quarter.”

Lovelace said they had a gameplan on defense during practice in the days leading up to the game, but that also didn’t go as planned for the Colonels.

“We blew two coverages that we worked on all week about what we were going to do then we messed up and gave up 12 points off it,” he said. “Not mentally ready to go and don’t know what we’re going to do with it.”

The Colonels finish district play at 2-2 and now have to go away from home in the postseason.

“We got to be on the road right now in the playoffs,” he said. “We got to go somewhere and be on the road. We’ve got two more games to get better then you get everybody back healthy then make a run in the playoffs, now you just have to get it done in the playoffs.”

Christian County plays at Madisonville-North Hopkins next week as the Maroons upset Logan County Friday.

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