For the first time in program history, the Hopkinsville High School boys’ soccer team will wake up today with a KHSAA Elite Eight game on their schedule.

The Tigers packed up and hit the road Friday to Lexington as they take on Louisville Butler at 7 p.m. at Lafayette High School.

For Hoptown coach Tyler Stallons and his team, it’s been business as usual this week despite going into the unknown of another state tournament game after the Tigers beat Calloway County 2-1 last Tuesday for their first ever state win.

“We haven’t changed anything really,” he said. “Just keeping things as normal as possible because all the extracurricular stuff is going to change things anyways. A few little details obviously, going up tonight, but we’re going to get to practice in an indoor facility with turf tomorrow morning so glad all that worked out. Practice, we haven’t changed anything practice wise.”

Stallons said his team knows what’s at stake, but he’s trying not to take them too far out of their routine.

“Try to keep them as normal as possible,” he said. “It is a big deal, but for them to try to be as consistent and normal as possible.”

Hoptown and Butler will have the second game on the turf field today as St. Xavier and Corbin kick-off at 3 p.m.

Stallons and his team are familiar with the playing surface as they cruised through the district tournament on turf at Fort Campbell, but knows Butler is no stranger to it as well.

“I think it’ll be good that we have that two game experience,” he said. “We played at Fort Campbell earlier in the year, then we had some at camp. I do think that’ll help, but I’m sure Butler’s been on several indoor facilities. Tomorrow will be good to just kind of knock it around inside and get the feel for it again.”

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