The first day of Kentucky Bourbon Mashoree is over, but vendors are preparing for a busier day today at MB Roland Distillery.

This is the first time the distillery has hosted this type of festival, and it is to help prepare for next year’s event.

“We know we wanted to do something much like the Summer Salute,” said Paul Tomaszewski, co-owner of MB Roland. He explained they wanted to prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse and work out the kinks now.

For example, he plans on changing the hours next year.

Tomaszewski predicts today will be a lot busier, with more people bustling around. He doesn’t think the Summer Salute in Hopkinsville will take away customers because it is a different crowd, he explained.

There are 14 distilleries, ranging from Hopkinsville’s Casey Jones Distillery’s moonshine, to gin, to bourbon from all over Kentucky at the festival. The distillers are ready to hand out samples of their product. Fifteen vendors are on the field, along with food trucks circling around behind the shop.

Music will be played from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and at 6 p.m. the final Pickin’ on the Porch of this season will begin.

While the festival was warming up Friday, a couple from Cadiz, David Sutton and Karla White, checked out what was going on while returning from Nashville.

They are loyal customers to the south Christian based distillery.

“We brought the first bottle of bourbon to ever come out of (MB Roland),” Sutton noted.

White said even with the heat, the distillery’s has a good thing going. The couple won’t be able to come back today due to work, but White said they would recommend the festival to anyone.

The Kentucky Bourbon Mashoree will reopen at 10 a.m. today. There is no cost to park or enter the festival and tickets can be obtained for individuals 21 and over at the distillery.

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