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Things you need to know

Hopkinsville Registrations

Driver's license
Road tests for driver's licenses can be scheduled at the Christian Circuit Clerk's Office inside the Christian County Justice Center, 100 Justice Way, or by calling 270-889-6539. The office also handles driver's license renewals.

Christian County residents wishing to vote must register at the Christian County Clerk's Office inside the Christian County Courthouse, 511 S. Main St., 270-887­4105.

Marriage licenses
In Christian County, marriage licenses can be obtained at the Christian County Clerk's Office inside the Christian County Courthouse, 511 S. Main St., 270-887-4105.

Here are some telephone numbers that you might find useful.

Company Name:Address:Phone:
Hopkinsville Electric Service   1820 E. Ninth Street887-4200
Pennyroyal Rural Electric   2000 Harrison St886-2555
Solid Waste   515 Weber Street 887-4137
Hopkinsville Water   401 East Ninth Street 887-4246
Atmos Energy   1-888-286-6700
Time Warner   530 Noel Ave1-(888) 699-5615
Dish Network   112 S Main St 1-888-825-2557
DirecTv   1-888-777-2454
Driver's License100 Justice Way 889-6540
Chamber Of Commerce   2800 Fort Campbell Blvd   885-9096


Fort Campbell

Motor vehicle and bicycle registration
All personnel assigned to, living on or employed at Fort Campbell must register their vehicles within 10 days of signing into Fort Campbell. Required documenta­tion includes valid driver's license, state registration and proof of insurance. In ad­dition, those registering a motorcycle must have the motorcycle endorsement on their license and present their Motorcycle Safety Foundation Card. Drivers also are required to have all these documents in their possession when driving on Fort Campbell.
Vehicles and bicycles can be registered at the Gate 4 Visitors' Center, Building 5004, 270-798-5047; Gate 7 Visitors' Cen­ter, Building 7199, 270-956-4495; or In/Out Processing, Building 2577, Room 117C, 270-412-6997.

The Family Travel Office, located at 2577A Screaming Eagle Blvd., Room 106, is responsible for processing all official passport requests. Call 270-798­4965/2036 for hours, more information and to obtain a list of necessary docu­ment. Passports needed for nonofficial travel may be obtained from the Fort Campbell Post Office.

Off-post housing

Military personnel should report to the Housing Services Office (HSO) to receive housing counseling prior to entering an agreement to obtain off-post housing. The HSO assists in acquiring off-post rental hous­ing, tenant/landlord complaint mediation, pre-occupancy adequacy inspections, as well as assistance with home purchasing and selling.

The HSO is located in Building 850 on the corner of Georgia Avenue and 16th Street. Call 270-798-3808.

For more details: http://www.AHRN.com

On-post housing

Soldiers who have one or more eligible fam­ily members living with them may apply for on-post housing through Campbell Crossing. Application must be made in person. Once eli­gibility has been determined, a wait length to re­side on Fort Campbell will be estimated.

Campbell Crossing oversees several housing areas on post. Walk-ins to com­plete the application are accepted at the Leasing Center, located in Building 850 on the corner of Georgia Avenue and 16th Street. Telephone 931-431-9003.

For more details:


Fort Campbell Single soldier housing

Single soldiers who are ranks E-1 to E­5 and have no dependents must live on-post in single soldier housing. Single soldiers E-6 and greater are required to live off-post, and are authorized to receive Basic Housing Allowance (BHA) without dependent rate.

There are no senior enlisted quarters or of­ficer quarters housing units on post. The HSO maintains listings of available apartments or houses for rent or purchase off-post.





Monday through Friday 5:00AM – 6:00PM

Excluding Holidays: New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day and Christmas Day.
Buses run on one hour routes, arriving at stops at the approximate times above on each hour. The first routes leave PACS at 5:00AM with the final routes leaving at 5:00PM.
By calling 48 - hours in advance, riders may add a stop that is within city limits and ¾ mile of an existing route.

Unlimited Passes
Weekly Pass $5.00
Monthly Pass $15.00

One - Way Fares*
Regular (12 & Older) $1.00
Elderly (60+) & Disabled 50¢
Active Duty Military with ID 50¢
Children Ages 7 - 11 with an adult 50¢
Children Ages under 7 with an adult FREE
Transfers FREE

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