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Nomination information
Nominating teacher/administrator
Instructions for the Student

Instructions for the Student
Congratulations ... A teacher or administrator has chosen you as a nominee for the Kentucky New Era Regional Academic All-Star Team in your school. One student is nominated for each of eight categories: Arts, Career & Technical,English, Foreign Language, Journalism, Math, Science and Social Studies/Economics.

Please note - A) both creative and performing arts fall into one category; B) all sciences fall into one category; C) all forms of journalism media work, including yearbooks, fall into one category; D) career & technical includes all fields from agriculture to welding.

(NOTE:You can be nominated for more than one discipline, however, you will be eligible as the overall winner of only one category. If you are nominated for multiple categories, you are required to submit a full and complete entry for each separate category.)

There will be four primary judging areas.
1. Core academics (50% of the judging decision)• General curriculum of the student
• Grade point average (Note: Grade point average will only be used by the judges as one component in their determination and will be held in strict confidentiality.)
• Academic honors
• Unique accomplishments and achievements within the field both inside and outside the classroom
2. Extra curricular activities along with leadership roles. (30% of the judging decision)
• School related
• Outside the school- clubs- civic / church
• Included in this area will be any employment or positions held.
3. An autobiographical essay including any college and career plans (10% of the judging decision)
4. Nominator recommendation letter (10% of the judging decision)
Judges will look for a wide range of achievements inside and outside of the classroom in that subject area, a broad range of accomplishments within the field, and unique accomplishments that stand out above the overall high achievement of all the nominated students. The judges will use the information you and your nominator provide to select a top winner in each category.
The student information form covers all the information needed for the judging.

Please keep the forms one-sided. Two-sided material may be missed during duplication. A one-page, double-spaced autobiographical essay should accompany that form. You may use this essay to give the judges more insight as to your skills, talents,accomplishments, etc.

The photo will be used for publication purposes only. If photo is missing from application at the time of deadline you will be recognized BUT YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE JUDGED FOR SCHOLARSHIP CONSIDERATION.

IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE USE ORIGINAL SCHOOL PHOTO. No reproductions or full body poses of any kind.(The better the picture, the clearer it reproduces in the newspaper.)

(copy and paste information)
Including any advanced courses, and competitions related to this subject area. You may include course descriptions, special projects, grades or other relevant information. (copy and paste information)
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Verify and Submit
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