Barbers Jeff Slaughter and his daughter Kaitlyn know the value of a fresh haircut and clean shave.

To provide that service to the Christian County community, the father-daughter team from Pembroke opened Slaughter’s Barber Shop in mid-July at 3802 LaFayette Road.

“It makes you look good,” Kaitlyn said of a haircut and shave. “Two, it (boosts) your overall self-confidence. (And) it relaxes you.”

The duo had been working for about two years at another location, but decided to embark on this business venture together.

“We get along good together,” Jeff said. “We both like the same kind of stuff. We like hunting and fishing and being outdoors. She’s kind of like my best friend.”

Likewise, Kaitlyn admits she’s a daddy’s girl at heart.

“We’ve kind of got the same personality, so we joke around,” Kaitlyn said.

Operating the barber shop is a second job for Jeff, who is a lieutenant at the Hopkinsville Fire Department station 2 on Skyline Drive.

“Every firefighter has a side job. I’ve had several other jobs and businesses in the past,” he said.

Jeff decided he wanted to try barbering when his own barber, Terry Gee of Pembroke, passed away years ago.

“We always considered ourselves family because Terry and my dad were best friends,” Jeff said.

“(Terry’s) daughter came to me one day and said I was the only one who had a job that could go to barber school. So, I became a barber.”

Jeff studied the craft at the South Central Kentucky Barber College in Bowling Green. He’s been a barber since 2012.

After Kaitlyn graduated from Hopkinsville High School in 2017, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. She earned her certification in 2018 at the same barber college.

On the sign outside appears the Slaughter’s Barber Shop tagline, “Old School Barber Shop for the Modern Person.” The quote describes the traditional-themed vibe and decor of the business inside.

“We try to stay with the old-school theme — like you’re at an old barber shop,” Jeff said.

The father and daughter collect antiques and incorporate their passion for history inside their shop.

A red, white and blue barber’s pole hangs to the left as patrons enter the business. Across the floor, three barbers’ stations await new customers.

“Our barber chairs are from 1961-63,” Jeff said.

Hanging on the walls throughout is a collection of vintage firefighting-themed signs, as well as many of Jeff’s old firefighter helmets and other equipment.

The father and daughter’s love of hunting is displayed with several wildlife trophies of deer and ducks that they and other family members harvested.

After serving as a firefighter for 18 years, Jeff plans to retire in November and dedicate all of his energy to operating the barber shop with his daughter.

“I did this so when

I retired I could open

my own shop,” Jeff said.

“We try to keep it as a

family atmosphere.”

“You have a personal bond with your barber,” Kaitlyn added. “Everybody that walks through this shop is family — no matter what.”

Slaughter’s Barber Shop business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 9 a.m. to noon Saturday.

The shop is walk-in only, but patrons are invited to call or text 270-348-3285 to gauge the customer flow for that day.

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