The love of a mother is definitely a sacrificial unconditional love. You see a mother will love and stand by her children regardless of the things that they do good or bad. A mother is a woman that conceives a child and carries them in her womb and that child becomes a part of her. A mother is also any female that is responsible for the physical and emotional well being of any children in her care. A mother can be any woman that nurtures and cares for a child that she has met through the course of her life that she decides to take under her wing as her own.

The love of a mother will cause her to stand by her children whether they are right or wrong. She will march down to the principal's office at the school. She will sit in the courtroom silently praying as the lawyer and the prosecutor debate over her child's freedom, a mother will be at the bedside in the hospital day and night until her child is able to go home, and she will even have the strength to stand at the gravesite when her child is called home to be with the Lord.

A mother will humble herself and push her pride to the side as she stands in line for free food and clothes for her children. A mother will stay in an abusive relationship in order for her children to have a place to call home. A mother will give up her dreams to raise her own children. A mother will hide her pain in order to see her children smile. A mother will go to the bank and withdraw all of her savings to help her child. As a matter of fact, a mother will always make herself available anytime day or night for her children.

I want to share a real example of one mother's sacrifice for her son. Mary the mother of Jesus stood and watched while her son was being beaten and tortured for us. I can only imagine the pain that she felt as she stood there with tears streaming down her face and silently praying as she witnessed the death of her very own son. Yes, Jesus sacrificed his life for us and his mother also made a sacrifice that day for her son as she stood there helpless, afraid and full of pain. This is a real example of the amount of love that a mother should have for her own children.

Mother's cannot be self-centered or selfish. Our children are a precious gift from God and even though they will disappoint us at times and cause us some pain and grief we as mothers have a responsibility to love and care for our children regardless of any situations, circumstances or challenges that may arise. In return, we as children are to love our mothers unconditionally and make sacrifices for them as well. If your mom is sick do your best to take care of her. If your mom is struggling with an addiction of some kind love her as you encourage and uplift her to seek help. If your mom made some mistakes while raising you to forgive her and let it go. Remember no one is perfect, not even you.

The Bible shows us in John 19:26-27 that Jesus loved his mom so much that even as he hung on the cross full of agony and pain his concern was who would care for his mother in his absence. This example teaches us that we are to put our mother's well being before our own. At this time I would like to ask two questions. First, as a mother, how much are you willing to sacrifice for your children? Secondly, as a child will you put your mom before yourself, even if it cost you your life?

As I close remember that sacrifice is to give up something. I strongly feel that we need to sacrifice some time and stop being too busy to spend some much needed time with our mothers and our children. A mother is a forever friend and a protector. She disciplines, loves and gives up her own needs and wants in order to provide the needs and wants for her children. A mother is a keeper of the home she is the one that brings all of the pieces together to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the home and that everyone has everything that they need through the course of a day. I pray that this article will bless you today as we honor our mothers. Mother's Day is every day, not just the one day that we celebrate and acknowledge as Mother's Day in May!

Betty Badie is the founder and director of Positive Vibes Prayer/Outreach Ministry. Betty is an active member of Means Avenue Baptist Church and is under the leadership of Pastor Buddy Slaughter.

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