When Kellie Cotton, the librarian at Pride Elementary and a quilter, heard about the families displaced by the December tornadoes, she knew she had to do something.

“I sent out a call on Instagram, there is a big quilting community there, and received quilts back from Instagram, and people on Facebook that I know are quilters,” she said. “It just snowballed from there.”

Cotton said she has received about 60 quilts from as far away as Washington state to right here in Madisonville. She has already distributed some in Dawson Springs, Bowling Green, and Bremen.

“The remaining, about 25 to 30, will be here for the Family Resource Centers,” said Cotton.

Family Resource Center Coordinators from Earlington Elementary, South Hopkins Middle, and Hopkins County Central High schools met Cotton at the central office yesterday to divvy up the remaining quilts for their families displaced by the tornado.

Detra Stafford, the Family Resource Center Coordinator at Earlington Elementary, said her school had eight displaced families, South Hopkins had five and Central had 11.

She said the quilts will be going to the families affected by the December tornadoes as soon as possible.

“These are very beautiful quilts, and anyone who receives one will be very blessed to have it,” said Stafford. “To know there are almost 30 quilts there is a little overwhelming, in a good way.”

Cotton said as a quilter for 10 years she knows the amount of time and care that goes into making a quilt.

“I know that the people who have donated these quilts have put all of that in,” she said.

The biggest donation of quilts, about 10 to 12, came from the Rain Tree Quilt Guild out of Evansville, she said. Aside from that large donation, she has been getting one or two in the mail since the tornado.

“It makes me feel good that they are sending that love out to people who have been affected by the tornado,” said Cotton. “Quilters are very generous with what they do.”

Any quilter who wants to donate can drop off their quilt to Angel’s Attic Quilting & Fabric, located at 532 East Center Street in Madisonville.

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