Local principal's 'Oinker the Flying Pig' coming to Trigg County

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Ann Taylor stands with the cover of her book “Oinker the Flying Pig” at the John L. Street Library in Cadiz. Taylor said the book was inspired by the Trigg County Country Ham Festival. The 43rd annual ham fest will be today and Saturday in downtown Cadiz.

"Feeling the wind, straightening his ears and tail, makes Oinker want to fly. His adventure leads him to observe, practice, and collaborate with some unusual characters. Oinker's dream of flying becomes very important. Because one night, all of the barn-yard animals' lives will depend on it."

Former Trigg County Primary School Principal Ann Taylor has released her first children's book, "Oinker, the Flying Pig" with the help of Trigg County Middle School art teacher Dani Knight.

The book features a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) project in the book, making it a useful tool for parents and teachers who are looking for a way to develop creative and critical thinking within children. The book also features an appendix of websites and YouTube video links to help children brainstorm ideas for the project.

Taylor said the idea for the book came from the Trigg County Country Ham Festival.

"When you walk the hall around the time of the Ham Festival, you see pig characters the students have created and stories that they have created," she said. "So, I decided, what better way to get the children's attention and get them hooked than a story about a pig? They can help him do what seemed impossible."

As a school teacher and principal, Taylor said she was always looking for ways to help children with collaborative learning and projects. The idea to write a book came after a staff meeting in 2015.

Taylor asked Knight to do the illustrations for the book after seeing her work for the Community Reader Program.

"I have always admired her work and had always told her that her work needed to be hanging up somewhere," Taylor said.

Taylor plans to start a Facebook page for the book for those who would like to purchase but cannot make the signings.

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