'Paddleton' will take you on an emotional journey filled with dry humour

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This week I chose to watch the Netflix original movie, "Paddleton."

"Paddleton" is about two neighbors who become best friends before one of them gets cancer and has less than six months to live.

The movie stars Mark Duplass who plays Michael and Ray Ramano who plays Andy. The beginning of the movie, shows Michael and Andy together at the doctor, who confirms that Michael likely has cancer but should see an oncologist to know what can be done.

From then on, the two friends take an emotional journey as Michael decides he wants to end his life before his cancer gets bad.

"Paddleton" takes a compelling look at two quirky outcasts as they struggle with the reality of one of them having cancer and the other having to help him as he decides to end his life before his symptoms become unbearable.

The movie has a lot of dry humour and builds slow; however, the emotion and the relationship between the two are worth the slow build. Again, the movie's humour is very dry, which may make it hard for everyone to get into it.

The movie begins a bit dull as the two friends continue to go about their daily routine as if nothing is really happening. They get up for work, come home, make pizzas and watch their favorite movie in Michael's apartment.

The pair of them do this just about everyday until Michael makes his decision. However, this period serves a great purpose. It shows the viewer Michael and Andy's bond and plays the groundwork for what is most important in this movie.

Once you get past the slow beginning, the movie begins to slowly rise in tension, but it's never in your face or edge-of-your-seat. The tension is almost entirely emotional as you see the struggles the pair go through with the reality of cancer.

That fact alone makes the movie relatable as, unfortunately, almost everyone has a family member who has or had cancer. It's also relatable in the way that everyone has a best friend they would do the same for, should they ask.

At the same time, the two of them, especially Andy, are a bit quirky, which makes for some entertaining moments. The pair of them are generally weird, and it makes you watch them thinking "Why are they like this?" It also makes you want to know more about them.

As the movie progresses, Andy struggles with Michael's decision more than Michael does. This creates funny, awkward scenes where Andy simply doesn't know how to react normally in those situations. Most people couldn't either.

What this movie does so well is make everything seem natural and real, as if you were actually watching two best friends going through this journey. The characters aren't forced, their chemistry is impeccable and everything seems fairly realistic. That in itself makes you think "that could be me."

Ultimately, the movie is sad, as you might guess. There are funny and awkward moments, but overall the concept and execution of "Paddleton" is meloncholy. The movie will make you feel sad, but at the same time, makes you appreciate the friends you have.

No ones wants to be sad, but if a movie can successfully make you feel an emotion they are aiming for you to feel, the movie should be considered a success. That's the ultimate goal of a movie, and "Paddleton" does that almost flawlessly.

"Paddleton" is one of the best emotionally evoking Netflix original movies as long as you can get past the slow start and into the dry humour.

Do what you will with this week's Netflix Fix, and happy streaming ladies and gents.

Star Rating: 4/5

Avery Seeger is a staff writer at the Kentucky New Era. His column expounds on his love of movies and goal to produce films one day. Reach him at aseeger@kentuckynewera.com or on Twitter @AveryNewEra

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