Paint Our Town

Participants in the “Paint Our Town!” art event at Griffin’s Studio may choose to paint a picture of the Historic Alhambra Theatre or four other iconic downtown buildings.

Longtime residents of Hopkinsville or visitors to the city may notice several iconic buildings downtown which add architectural character and offer a glimpse into local history.

The community has an opportunity to create a painting of one of these buildings for their personal collection. Hoptown artist Griffin Blane Moore is offering “Paint Our Town!” art event at 6 p.m. Jan. 23 at her studio at 100 E. Sixth St.

“I just wanted to offer something new and different,” Moore said of the class. “When I had the retail shop and anytime we had inventory that had Hopkinsville on it or Hopkinsville buildings, they always sold. People love this town. They love the buildings, why not offer an event where they can create artwork of a place they love here.”

For “Paint Our Town!,” participants may select from five buildings to paint, including the Alhambra Theater, the Pennyroyal Area Museum, Hopkinsville Fire Department, L&N Depot and Ferrell’s Snappy Service.

“I was trying to find some historical buildings downtown where people have good memories,” Moore said. “I think of the Alhambra Theater and how we all have special memories of seeing a show there. I remember being a kid and going on field trips there. Or Ferrell’s. It seems like everyone who moves out of town, when they come home to visit they have to go to Ferrell’s. I love the history of the museum and the train depot and the fire station.”

Moore remembers as a high school senior displaying some of her artwork in a show at the L&N Depot.

“I have great memories of all of these buildings,” she said.

Moore said anyone who prefers to paint another building may make their request upon registration.

“We’re open to suggestions if someone has a different idea,” she said.

Moore recommends “Paint Our Town!” as a date night, girls night out, family night or a solo night.

“All levels are welcome. For kids I think it would be a little tougher, but if parents were helping I don’t think it would be an issue,” she said.

“I think people like events like this because it’s already drawn for you. I think a lot of people get intimidated by the drawing part, but when that part’s done, it’s almost like a paint-by-number. You’re just filling in the spots. It’s just enjoyable.”

The 2 ½-hour in-studio event will accommodate COVID-19 pandemic social distancing requirements.

“Our tables are spread out for social distancing,” Moore said. “Masks are required to enter, but once you’re seated because our tables are 6-feet apart, you may take your mask off.”

All supplies are provided with the $35 fee. Moore said the pre-drawn, 11-inch-by-14-inches canvases, paint and brushes will be set up on tables when participants arrive to limit movement around the studio.

“I walk around during the evening and assist people when they need help,” she said.

For people who are uncomfortable in public spaces, Moore offers a take-home “Paint Our Town!” kit for a discounted price of $25.


“I’ll package up your canvas, your brushes, your paint and you can do it at home,” she said. “I draw it pretty detailed and you’ll get a reference photo. You’ll have something to look off of while you’re painting at home.”

The class limit is 24 participants. Preregistration is required by calling 270-874-2028 or by sending a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

“People are more than welcome to bring their own food and beverage,” Moore said. “If you want to help some of our local businesses, you could order food and beverages from one of our local businesses downtown.”

Moore opened Griffin’s Studio in September 2013 and has been offering art events to the community ever since. The artist said she wants “Paint Our Town!” to be a fun activity for everyone.

“I think painting is a great stress reliever. It’s a great life-long hobby. It’s something I think everyone enjoys,” she said.

“It’s just going to be a fun night. It’s going to be relaxing. Come on and have a good time.”

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