Christian County-Opoly

Christian County-Opoly will be delivered next week to be sold at some local retailers and the Hopkinsville-Christian County Chamber of Commerce. The board game features more than 30 chamber member businesses and industries.

With the roll of the dice, board game enthusiasts can “visit” several local businesses and industries while playing Christian County-Opoly.

This game, based on the well-known game of Monopoly©, features more than 30 Hopkinsville-Christian County Chamber of Commerce members. It will be available to purchase next week.

“Everything related to this game is all about Christian County, all about our chamber members,” said Robin Tabor, director of Membership and Fundraising at the chamber. “It has our name on it, our logo on it. We’re very proud of it.”

The idea for the game evolved after Tabor attended an Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives conference in Nashville in 2017. There she met a representative with Late For The Sky Production Company, a U.S.-based board game production and manufacturing company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Although she was interested in producing a locally-based board game as a non-dues revenue fundraiser for the chamber, Tabor decided to wait until this year to pursue the venture.

“It’s just exciting,” she said. “It was a really cool thing to do for our community, but for our chamber as well.”

The game

On the exterior of the box, players will recognize pictures of familiar Christian County locations, including the clock tower, a farm, the Butterfly Garden in Oak Grove and the helicopter at the Gander Memorial Park on Fort Campbell Boulevard.

The premise of the game is the same as the nationally-popular Monopoly©, Tabor said.

To play, Christian County-Opoly players choose from six game pieces, including a clock tower, totem pole, barrel, tractor, book and helicopter.

“We chose our game pieces out of hundreds,” Tabor said. “The tokens selected we thought represented Christian County very well.”

Tabor said the clock tower token was selected because of the iconic downtown site. The totem pole represents the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park and the helicopter is for Fort Campbell.

“We have a barrel representing our distilleries,” Tabor said. “We have a tractor for {agriculture, which is huge in Christian County and a book which represents our public library.”

Each player starts at the Visit Hopkinsville space, sponsored by the Hopkinsville-Christian County Convention and Visitors Bureau, where he or she collects $200 each time }his or her game piece passes by.

Players roll the dice to travel around the board where they land on spaces. Each space is occupied by a local business or industry.

Earlier this year, Tabor gave the entire chamber membership base the opportunity to buy a spot in the game — from property spaces, card stacks, corner spaces and more.

Tabor said she was pleased to have more than 30 chamber members participate.

“It was 110% successful. It was so successful that I was a little overwhelmed,” she said. “The game wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing chamber members who purchased a spot on the board.”

The game itself is sponsored by Planters Bank. The game board is sponsored by SAFE Construction.

Although the game design resembles Monopoly©, there are a few different names for the components because of copyrights. For example, players buy homes and inns, }instead of houses and hotels.

Jennie Stuart Health and Planters Bank each sponsored Contingency (Community Chest) and Big Fun! (Chance) cards. If a player lands on Contingency or Big Fun space, a player takes a card from the top of the respective stack and performs the instruction given on the card.

Ready to play

Tabor said the timing of the games’ release is critical for the chamber because of the COVID-19 impact.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time for us,” she said. “Our budget took a hit just like everyone’s budget during the pandemic.”

Tabor said the pandemic also delayed the arrival of the games by more than a month because Late For The Sky shut down for a period of time.

“It was understandable for it to be delayed,” she said. “I have to give kudos to the company because I made very few changes on the proofs I received. It’s obvious this is what they do for a living.”

The limited edition, full color keepsake game will be delivered to the chamber office on Fort Campbell Boulevard next week.

Tabor said 500 games were sold during two weeks of pre-sales earlier this year.

“I have a list of people who pre-ordered and they will be the first called,” she said. “Then, we will have the rest to sell.”

Only a limited amount of games were ordered. Games will be sold at Hopkinsville-Christian County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Gracious Me! and Christian Way Farm. The cost of each game is $27.50 including tax.

“They will obviously be available at our office, but we’re hoping a few more places will retail them,” Tabor said.

Also, the game will be available next week to purchase via the chamber website at https://www.chris

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