CADIZ -- The Trigg County School Board voted 3-2 Tuesday night to offer superintendent Travis Hamby a three-year contract.

Before the vote, Hamby said he thinks it is important for the superintendent and the board to work together.

"As we enter into a new contract, I would just say I do believe it is important for the board to establish goals and for us to define what we want to accomplish and what those matrix and benchmarks are as we move forward and create that cohesive vision and a collaborative process," Hamby said before the vote. His current contract expires June 30.

Board member Clara-Beth Hyde made the motion to offer Hamby a contract for three years from July 1 through June 30, 2022, at an annual salary of $118,473. The board has the option to extend his contract for an additional year.

The board voted 3-2 to approve the motion. Board members Charlene Sheehan and Theresa Allen voted nay.

"I appreciate the confidence the board has in me as superintendent. Thank you," Hamby said.

In other business, the school board discussed operating and managing the school health clinics, starting in the fall.

Hamby said Todd County Health Department submitted a proposal to operate the school clinics but was higher than the district's projected expense. Hamby recommended a proposal costing the district an estimated $142,831.05 with current rates of pay this year. This amount would fluctuate based on salaries and expenses of the current nursing staff.

"This year we are paying $125,410, so the cost is not as significant if we do it ourselves as it was going to be if we contracted out. We're saving about $18,000," Hamby said.

"Based on our evaluation, when we went to the health department initially, we were provided more services for the same or even less money than what we were currently contracting for," Hamby said. "As a result of that, it appears to me we need to pick up the management of our clinics again to be able to provide some continuity and consistency. One of the things that really attracted us to (the health department) was the ability to be able to review the well-child visits, the immunizations, physicals. That's why we went with them. Now, they can't do that."

The school board voted 5-0 for the district to assume the operation and management of the school health clinics by 2019-2020 school year with the clinics to be operated by registered nurses with a bachelor of science nursing degree in each of the three clinic sites effective in five years.

Currently, only one Trigg employee has a BSN. The licensed practical nurses and RNs who may fill the positions in 2019-20 will have one year to enroll in a bachelor of science nursing degree program, which must be completed during the five-year period.

A lead RN, who is paid a $2,500 stipend, would oversee the operation of the clinics, instead of staffing a clerk.

Hamby said they hope to negotiate with the Pennyrile District Health Department to use the clinic equipment at least for a year. Equipment may include an exam table, blood pressure cuffs, a refrigerator and other medical supplies.

In order to operate under this plan, Hamby said the district may need to reinstate a nurse's fee of $5 for consumables. The fee would be deposited into the school activity fund to purchase individual supplies.

Approved 5-0 a tentative budget for FY20 at $21,829,326.Approved 5-0 the district facility plan and hearing report and authorized submission and approval by the Kentucky Board of Education.Matt Ladd, locally appointed hearing officer, said the draft of the plan has not been altered. He said a hearing was scheduled for input from the general public, but no one attended.

"Our committee is still recommending to approve the district facility plan if it is your wish," he said.

Approved 5-0 allocating funds to support ACER Chromebook replacement and replace four Chromebooks of preschool assistants. Hamby recommended spending $25 from FY18 ADA funds to support the replacements at $210.25 each.That number equates to 49 Chromebooks for primary school, 52 for the intermediate school, 55 for the middle school, 68 for the high school plus the four devices for preschool assistants, totaling 228.

Approved 5-0 hiring Jason Boggess for flooring removal and installation at Trigg Tots early childhood program for $10,755. Boggess was not the lowest bid, but board members said he is local and does quality work."I can speak to Jason's work personally," Hyde said. "He has done (flooring for) over three-fourths of Barkley Plantation. He does an excellent job."

Tabled an action on general liability insurance, property, earthquake, umbrella and more until the next school board meeting at 6 p.m. May 30.

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