On the 217th anniversary when Lt. Presley Neville O’Bannon raised the American flag over Tripoli harbor after the Battle of Derna, U.S. Marine Corps Major General Jerry Humble (Retired) and Mrs. Margaret Humble, along with the community and the nation, dedicated O’Bannon’s home as a center for leadership, patriotism, and freedom.

On April 27, 1805, Lt. Presley O’Bannon and seven other U.S Marines and about 400 mercenaries led an assault against a more significant force at the Tripoli fortress in Derna. Defeating the enemy, O’Bannon celebrated the first U.S. wartime victory on foreign soil by raising the American flag. The line from the Marine Hymn — “ the shores of Tripoli,” memorialized those actions. The victory at Derna gave U.S. diplomats the leverage to secure the release of Americans held hostage and ended the First Barbary War.

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