The team at Missionary Radio WNKJ 89.3 FM has been manning the phone lines since 6 a.m. Thursday, raising money for the listener-funded radio station's annual Believer Care-a-thon, which ends at 7 p.m. Saturday.

General manager Ken Cummins said the overall budget to keep the faith-based stations going is $575,000. As of Friday morning, listeners had pledged $62,580.

"In these three days, we really need to raise $300,000 to be on track," Cummins said Friday. "We'll be on the air through Saturday night at 7 p.m., but I have what I call Care-a-thon season where people can still donate after that."

Cummins said last year they continued fundraising through Dec. 31, and once the clock struck midnight, $283,000 had been pledged to the station.

"I would anticipate that would happen again, but sometimes it takes on a different feel each year," he said.

The purpose of Missionary Radio, Cummins explained, is "to love God and to love people."

"We want to spread the good news of Jesus Christ," he continued. "All around the world we have a partnership with TransWorld Radio, and 10% of what's given on these three days will be tied to them for their mission. We all have a mission to get the Word out."

The station, which celebrated its 39th year on air Aug. 1, plays 70% Christian music and 30% nationally syndicated broadcasts, including children's programs and drama.

To cover operating costs, the station has two fundraisers each year, including the Friend-raiser in the spring. Last fall's Care-a-Thon raised $264,000.

"We are entirely funded by our listeners," Cummins said. "We don't have any endowments or extra funds, so everything comes from churches and mostly individuals."

To make a donation:

*Call 877-885-9655,

*Mail a pledge to Missionary Radio, PO Box 1029, Hopkinsville KY 42241


*Text 270-208-0688

*Go by the station to donate at 1100 E. 18th St., Hopkinsville.

Donors can give a single monetary gift or join “The Firm Friend Club,” which is a monthly bank transfer from the donor's account to Missionary Radio’s account.

In addition to the local 89.3 FM frequency, WNKJ/WNLJ broadcasts 101.7 FM in Providence, 98.9 FM in Dickson, Tennessee, 91.7 FM in Madisonville and 92.1 FM in Murray.

Reach Zirconia Alleyne at 270-887-3243 or

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