"Different Strokes" for different folks -- that's what Hopkinsville resident Tesha Radford hopes to offer the community through her painting events.

Radford and tattoo artist Michael Figueiredo, also of Hopkinsville, have partnered to offer "Paint Nights with Different Strokes" at Seafood King, 4011 Fort Campbell Blvd. The inaugural event will be at 8 p.m. Aug. 23.

"It's my aim to bring something new to the community," Radford said.

On her Different Strokes Facebook page, Radford describes her business as "a concept that pairs instructional painting with friends, family, co-workers, a bit of creative juice (and) an upbeat instructor to create individual works of art."

For the painting classes, Radford determines the host's vision or theme for their events, like birthday parties, church activities or social gatherings. Then, she conveys those ideas to Figueiredo, who pre-draws designs onto canvas for the customers to paint. Each drawing -- and therefore each painting -- is unique.

"It's all done off the top of the head," Figueiredo said. "Even if you look at it, you'll probably have a hard time duplicating it. None of the pieces are the same, ever. Whatever you can imagine, I can put on the board."

"It's a variety. People are different. You don't want to give them the same (design)," Radford said. "I give him a vision of what I would like to do; he brings it to life."

Figueiredo, a California native, mixes his talent for graffiti with the art he creates for Different Strokes. His most recent creations are for a Praise and Paint event Radford is hosting tonight at Cedar Grove Baptist Church.

"I mix the graffiti in with the church theme and brought the old school and the new school together," he said. "I try to go with something different every time. I try to make each one different. I just use a vision out of my head."

For the Aug. 23 paint night, Radford coordinated with Seafood King owner Vance Smith to create an evening filled with fun, food and fellowship.

"People can come in and they can get a little something different," Smith said. "They can eat and, at the same time, paint and enjoy themselves. It's that 'me' time. We want them to be able to unwind ... You can socialize and network all at the same time."

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Cost is $25 per person, which includes a pre-drawn canvas, paintbrushes, paint and aprons. Smith said participants may order off the menu and from the bar for an additional charge.

"The menu will be a little bit different," Smith said. "We'll have wings, mozzarella cheese sticks and finger foods."

Although Radford and Smith have not determined a theme for the event, Smith hopes that some of the art designs include a seafood theme to mirror the restaurant menu.

"Maybe a fish with little hearts in it," he said.

To pre-register for the Aug. 23 event, visit eventbrite.com and search for Paint Night with Different Strokes. Reservations will be taken until Aug. 19.

Additional paint nights will be announced at a later date, but Radford also books special events like corporate parties, couple date nights and girls night out through her email at differentstrokeshopkinsville@gmail.com.

Radford said she hopes all of her painting events provide a therapeutic atmosphere for participants.

"To me, (painting) releases so much emotion," she said. "If you're going through something personally, something like this can help you so much. Releasing energy onto the canvas is what it's all about to me."

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