The struggle is real. We were born into sin; so therefore our flesh wrestles to do what is right. Many of are torn between the two. In the Bible; Romans 7:15 states, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. This particular verse allows us to see the Christians struggle against sin and we must all realize that it is normal to have some conflict battling sin and trying to do the right thing, but keep in mind that the battle is winnable and the war will someday come to an end.

Some people tend to think that becoming a Christian will bring an end to all sin and all temptation in ones life, but once a person accepts CHRIST into their life that is when the tug of war begins in our lives. During this time there is a battle between right and wrong living. You see the spirit man wants to do right; while the flesh wants to do wrong, our spirit man wants and desires to follow CHRIST; while our flesh wants to follow the world and our spirit man craves holiness; while our flesh craves worldly things. Just like a soldier in the service has to prepare for battle we as Christians must be ready to fight when the enemy attacks us because we are soldiers in the army of the LORD. In other words we must have the courage to want to transform our spiritual lives while the LORD is working on us to bring about needed changes.

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