Inquiring Reporter

Author Name: Mary D. Ferguson

Mary D. Ferguson is a staff writer and columnist for the Kentucky New Era. Her column runs every Friday. .

Phone: 270-887-3230


In Plain Sight

Author Name: Jim Coursey

James B. Coursey is a contributing columnist for the Kentucky New Era, with Christian County Historian William T. Turner. This column runs each month in the Living section. He can be reached at


Ducks in a Row

Kentucky New Era columnist

Author Name: BETSY BOND

BETSY BOND is a professional organizer/consultant from Hopkinsville. Her column runs the fourth Thursday of the month. For more information, check out her Web Site at or call 270-439-7080..


What's on the menu

Author Name: Margaret Prim

Margaret Prim runs a clothing business from her Hopkinsville home and enjoys entertaining for friends and family. Her column runs the first Wednesday of every month. If you have questions or comments about her column, email them to


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Retirement planning can seem complex and intimidating, which explains why some people delay doing it. However, with the appropriate help from a knowledgeable financial advisor, preparation can be a straightforward process that produces a sound strategy and a sense of security. To simplify yo…

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For most investors — even those with significant wealth — a secure financial future doesn’t simply happen. Instead, it must be carefully crafted to help meet your most important goals and leave nothing to chance. Of course, the future is unpredictable and your own personal situation changes …

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Alex and Brad, both in their mid-40s, had just celebrated the 10th anniversary of Consulting, Inc., their market consulting business. The next morning, before going to work, Brad suffered a heart attack while jogging and died later that day. Alex suddenly lost his long-time business associat…

Garden Corner

Author Name: Kelly R. Jackson

Kelly R. Jackson is the Christian County Extension Agent for horticulture. He can be reached at 270-886-6328 or visit Christian County Horticulture online at


Marsha Parker

Author Name: Marsha O. Parker

Marsha O. Parker is the Christian County extension agent for family and consumer sciences. She can be reached at 270-886-6328.