For David Spears, opening his own glass business was a long time coming.

Spears owns Spears Americare, a cleaning business he operates on East 18th Street.

He opened the business in 1978 and has 21 people working under him.

While the cleaning business has stayed steady over the years, Spears has often thought of opening his own glass business, largely because of the stories he would hear about other glass providers in town.

“A lot of people have been telling us there is no one in town,” Spears said. “A lot of (businesses), if they are there, (customers) will call and no one will show up. They’ll collect money up front and never come back to finish the job.”

Spears said his workers always clean glass in the homes they visit and often replace windowpanes if customers request it.

When a local glass business closed in December, Spears bought some of their equipment and acquired their backlog of customer phone numbers.

Spears said his new business, which is called A-1 Glass and More, has started off cutting glass for windows and storefronts.

He hopes to start cutting glass for shower doors and installing them in the future.

Spears runs the business with one of his workers. He has a workshop set up inside his office on East 18th.

While the cleaning business is still his primary focus, he hopes to grow the glass business into a stable sideline.

“We’re just taking this slow and building slow with it,” said Spears, 50. “We are just taking things as they come in.”

For more information about the business, call Spears at 270-887-0000.

Reach Dennis O’Neil at 270-887-3237

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