Do just I, who suffers from a lack of patience, have a host of pet peeves, or is it something that everyone claims to have?

For fun, we asked a number of people, and all agreed they have a pet peeve and most said they have a number of them.

Jack Moore, retired United Southern Bank president and a member of the bank’s board, was quick to tell us his pet peeve.

“I hate it when I go to a restaurant drive-up window, and someone starts with a long spiel of items they want to sell. Usually, I can’t even understand what they are saying, and it is annoying as all I want is a hamburger and a diet Coke.”

“Another pet peeve involves slow drivers. They get in front of you and won’t move, and you know that light up ahead is going to change,” Moore said.

When we bumped into Moore, he was with a fellow banker, Max McCuiston, whose biggest pet peeve was the same as mine. It involved phone service.

“I really dislike a telephone menu and having to push buttons for this and that when all I want to do is talk to a person.” His pet peeve is also near the top of my long pet peeve list.

Joyce Broadbent, a Cerulean resident, and her husband, John “Buddy” Broadbent, were visiting the New Era earlier this week and we learned her pet peeve was car repair people.

“It seems they treat women like they have no knowledge of what is going on with their car,” and then laughing, she said, “Actually about all I do know is how to start the car and turn it off.”

Her husband can get real peeved when people show no appreciation for kindnesses.

“… Appreciation and courtesy, it means a lot and it doesn’t cost a penny.”

City resident Coretta Bagwell doesn’t like it when people fail to communicate.

“Communication is the key. Do they expect you to read their mind? I have a friend who does that, and it frustrates me — I wonder what they are thinking.”

We weren’t surprised when Gill Deer, who for years has been active an animal rescue and adoption, said her pet peeve was, “People who let their animals run loose. Actually, I think that’s everybody’s pet peeve. I take calls for Max’s Rescue, and we receive a lot of calls. It’s awful how many people drop their unwanted animals out in the country,” she said.

Sandy Wilkins, a Hopkinsville resident, is peeved at the absence of consideration many people have for others. Things are not like they used to be when more people were polite and considerate, she said.

I was in agreement with Rose Farris, Hopkinsville, who listed as her pet peeve people who take two parking places to park their vehicle.

“I was amazed as I sat in my car at Goodwill thinking about pet peeves, a man drove up, took two spaces to park and I’ll be darned if he didn’t just leave the car there and go into Goodwill. I am also peeved when I see parents out in public, all dressed nice, their hair done, with manicures and with their children who are not dressed well. Their shoes have no strings, and that just isn’t right, the children should come first,” she said.

Pam Rader, Hopkinsville, was quick to say her pet peeve was “when someone says they are going to do something and then they don’t, and I am peeved with people who are always late.”

Jack Hudson, city resident, says, “My pet peeve is when drivers don’t use their turn signals, and also people who use politically correct language. Then there are people who don’t realize what they are saying at certain places like an airport. Let someone see me and say, ‘Hi Jack,” and here comes Homeland Security.”

As for my pet peeves, I’ll just give you a list. Included are television sets turned on in doctor’s offices and other places where you have to wait. The TV is usually on something you don’t care to watch. Cars with smoked glass windows are peeving. I want to see the driver, and then I’m peeved like Jack Moore about not being to understand people taking my order at restaurant drive-up windows, and lastly people who call children kids.

Mary D. Ferguson is a staff writer and columnist for the Kentucky New Era. Her column runs every Saturday. She can be reached by telephone at 270-887-3230.

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