It’s funny to me that while I keep having nothing but trouble — including being bitten — others have these nice kitty cats that are, although independent as are all cats, loving and entertaining.

They are like Rowdy, who often sends me flowers from the florist shop of Gary Morse where Rowdy lives, or there’s Snow, who lives at the Morse home, and our latest feline friend, Chester.

Remember Chester, he owns Susan and Gary Nichols, and he’s the one who mysteriously started the washing machine in the utility room where he lives with the Nichols.

Well, Chester will be a year old in August, and his world has become far more extensive than the utility room. And Susan assures us that Chester is “fat and friendly.”

Until recently, his favorite sleeping spot was the seat on the lawn mower, but Susan has just reported that he’s “transferred his love of the mower to the Jeep,” and the picture of him on the Nichols’s jeep is absolute proof of his liking of that vehicle.

In fact, he not only finds the roof a great place to rest, but has an intense interest in the motor and other working parts. It is just a great example of the knowledge that cats are very curious animals.

But Chester isn’t always sleeping. In fact, he can be very busy at times trying to catch squirrels and occasionally catching a bird.

Chester is a yellow cat with white in his coat and note the white and yellow stripes at the end of his tail.

His breeding is not well known as he was an abandoned kitten taken in by the Nichols.

Susan and Chester have a special relationship. She describes herself as “a cat lady,” explaining that “I was an only child and I always had a cat under my arm.” She finds the fact that all cats have such distinctly different personalities to be interesting.

Well maybe that is the answer to the cat problems at our house. While Susan is a “cat lady,” her family doesn’t have a dog, and we are more what would be described as “dog people” although we have tried to take good care of the feral cats and would like to find a good home for the last of Speedy’s kittens, Stripe, who is a quiet little tiger-striped kitty that now lives on our patio and finds the lawn chairs a perfect sleeping place.

Only a tom cat like Chester would have such an interest in Jeep motors and prefer to sleep atop the Jeep or in the seat of a lawn mower.

Chester hasn’t started the washer again, and he probably won’t be mowing the yard or driving the Jeep, but a few minutes with this good-looking feline and you have no doubts that Chester actually owns the Nichols’s jeep and lawn mower.

Have many nice naps atop the Jeep, Chester. And if you so desire, curl up in the lawn mower seat. They all belong to you, don’t they?

Mary D. Ferguson is a staff writer and columnist for the Kentucky New Era. Her column runs every Saturday. She can be reached by telephone at 270-887-3230.

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