Clarence Powell spends about half of his summer caring for birds. It takes a lot of work to take care of birds on such a scale as Powell does.

He has hundreds of hummingbirds, and it has taken 30 feeders for the birds every other day.

“Sometimes I just stop and watch the birds,” he said.

People visit the site and are amazed at the humming sounds that fill the air.

Clarence worked for the Department of Defense at Fort Campbell and worked there for many years before retiring in 2005 and it was then that he started feeding the birds.

He has been making about 75 gallons of sugar water boiled and put in clean feeders for the little birds.

“Occasionally, when I miss a morning, a few of them will leave. I guess they get mad,” he said.

Oddly enough, Clarence doesn’t put out the sugar water until July and not April 15 as most people do.

Clarence and his wife, Susan, actually live in town, but Clarence goes out to his small farm ever other day to feed the birds.

We’ve thought we were fortunate if we had five of six birds at our two feeders.

We thought we were kept busy just fixing that water for our few little birds.

It was hard to believe one man fed hundreds of birds that swarmed his feeders and filled the air with their humming.

We have Joyce Rogers, who heard Clarence talking about his birds in McDonalds, and she was the one who told us about him.

All the hummers are now headed south as they do every year about mid-October.

“I hate to see them go,” Clarence said.

Changing the subject. We were interested in a pretty gourd Doris Cline brought in for us see.

It had been planted at the farm of her son, Bruce Cline, and we’ve included a picture so you can see for yourself how pretty the gourd is.

Now that mostly all the hummers have gone south for winter, it will be kind of quiet at Clarence’s place, but he will entertain himself by feeding and watching the winter birds.

“I have already seen some doves, I think they want some corn,” he said,.

Mary D. Ferguson is a staff writer and columnist for the Kentucky New Era. Her column runs every Saturday. She can be reached by telephone at 270-887-3230.

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