Where had all the critters gone? I don’t know, but they’ve started to come back.

A lot of my readers have asked about our critters and wanted to hear about them. I didn’t have anything to write until recently. They came back after the snow.

There must have been a hundred birds. They scratched at the ground to eat under the snow. Most of them were cardinals. The lady cardinals with their not-so-flashy feathers would step away and let the males eat and prance around with all of their glorious scarlet feathers.

We were glad to see them. And then later in the day, husband Russ called me to see there were six deer were in the backyard. One had a black neck and looked like a buck. He stood perfectly still while we watched.

We decided they were hungry and followed a friend’s suggestion to give them bread. After darkness came, the bread had disappeared.

Then Saturday night we decided to go out and eat. We got about halfway to the road, on a dark night, and three deer ran in front of us. We slowed and let them pass. Then a fourth one passed and we almost hit it. Apparently, they went back to the woods.

So there we had the deer and the turkeys, and we saw a blue jay take an entire piece of bread, carrying it as he flew high into a tree and then dropped it. He ate what was in his mouth and took off. He looked a little disgusted.

Wednesday morning, a squirrel was eating the last piece of bread that was thrown out the night before. He did not know I was watching him. He ate the entire piece of bread.

I had burned some toast the night before and threw it out, and that was gone too.

We’ve only got two squirrels, and I threw out what was left of a basketful of nuts that sat on the table during the Christmas holidays.

The squirrels ran out and took the nuts one at a time until they were all gone.

A lot of my readers said they haven’t had any wildlife sightings at all. I certainly hope their deer and other animals have come back as ours did.

MARY D. FERGUSON is a New Era columnist. This column was transcribed by New Era Opinion Editor Jennifer P. Brown.

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