Hopkinsville Community College

The American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges has recognized five Hopkinsville Community College students in the Student Research League competition for 2020.

A team consisting of students Danielle Myers, Shelby Jenkins and Dannielle Burnley, all of Hopkinsville, was recognized as one of the top teams in the Kentucky Region and also selected for a Regional Award. HCC Math Faculty Member Sally Jackman mentored the team.

The AMATYC judging committee commented on the team’s thesis, To Forgive and Forget or Forever in Debt: “The project shows a good understanding of the challenge our nation is facing in regard to the staggering increase in student debt. I very much like the comparison you did between the proposals of the three presidential candidates, and the numerical example you used to explain Elizabeth Warren’s plan. Nice job. There was good research and an interesting team position.”

Another team of two students, Amanda Brooks of Cadiz and Amanda Smith of Hopkinsville, was also recognized in the region, and then moved on for considera tion to the national competition. HCC Science Faculty Member Ted Wilson mentored this team.

The AMATYC judging committee commented on the team’s project: “This team submitted a strong paper and finished in the top third of all submissions this year. They read, researched, studied, planned and wrote a solution to an open-ended problem related to real-world issues. The students learned skills that will help to launch opportunities in research, education and employment.”

Regional awards are typically given out during the regional lunches at the annual AMATYC meeting. The in-person conference is canceled due to COVID-19. AMATYC is currently working on a way to present awards in the absence of a conference.

“This is the third year HCC has participated in the AMATYC competition, and our results have gotten better each year,” said HCC Math Faculty Member Pat Riley.

HCC Alumna Ashley Lesher was named the first place winner in the nation for the Student Research League in 2019.

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