Going on a teddy bear hunt

The Todd County Chamber of Commerce placed a teddy bear and a note in its office window as part of the teddy bear hunt contest for families and to support local businesses.

Citizens can celebrate spring and warmer weather by participating in a family-friendly outdoor activity with cute, cuddly teddy bears.

Todd County Chamber of Commerce invites families in the community to go on a “hunt” to locate teddy bears hidden throughout the community to win prizes and help local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We wanted to have an outdoor activity that was family-friendly that would also bring attention to our local businesses … (and) what they are doing differently during this coronavirus situation,” said Tiffany Groves, Todd County Chamber of Commerce executive director. “It’s meant for families to go outdoors and have a fun time while social distancing. Families can do this together — take a long walk around downtown or go out a drive.”

For the contest, Groves said they have asked Todd County businesses to place teddy bears in their front windows.

“We encouraged businesses to include a little sign explaining if they have a website where people can go shop or if they have alternate business hours and put that with their bear so that people can find that information while (families) are hunting,” she said.

“We’re encouraging anybody who wants to put out a teddy bear to do so.”

The bear hunt is intended to bring families together for a safe, outdoor activity.

“The idea is for a family to go out and find as many bears as they can while practicing social distancing,” Groves said. “It also encourages local businesses and individuals who just want to join in the fun and put out a bear.”

While families are out “hunting,” they have several tasks to complete to enter the contest.

“Take a family photo with the bears in different locations, upload all their pictures to a Facebook album they create for this. Each family will have their own Facebook album, which they will tag Todd County Chamber of Commerce,” Groves said. “Then, whichever album has the most pictures in different locations by the deadline is the winner.”

All entries in a family’s album should add the hashtag #TCBearHunt to each photo.

According to the guidelines, participants can also have a “family bear” who goes along with them to places in Todd County where there might not be a bear to find, like on a hike or farm.

Todd County business owner Kelvin DeBerry is sponsoring prizes for the event. Albums with the most photos/locations taken during the bear hunt will win vouchers to be redeemed at local restaurants and retailers. Prizes are $100 for first place; $50 for second and $25 for third.

“They can spend (the vouchers) at local businesses. The chamber will reimburse those businesses for those purchases,” Groves said. “That’s another way to support local businesses. All that prize money goes to the businesses.”

Groves said the chamber has had positive responses from families and businesses so far.

“I think it’s a great way for families to get outside and enjoy the outdoors and enjoy some family time while practicing social distancing,” she said. “It is also a way for them to help support local businesses.”

The contest ends April 19.

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