Gov. Bevin responds to question concerning his stance on school violence.

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Tom Reilly

Good for you, Governor!! The only real change has to come from within us. We have to accept personal responsibility for our actions first, then work to change the actions of others. I saw 21 Vietnamese children machine gunned by our own choppers in Vietnam. I spent the next 50 years working with children helping to make a bad thing better, but our current culture though exposure to our social media works to desensitize us to the real world world crises we are all eventually forced to face. Change never comes from cowards or procrastinators. Change comes from within, or it never comes.


To clarify a point made by BeechieGirl argued by BobSmith. It was a mis-statement to write 'more people are killed with knives than guns'. The actual fact is; More people are killed with Rifles and/or Shotguns. Pistols, account for most deaths.
As BobSmith pointed out - a significant portion of 'gun deaths' is not homicide, but suicide. Sadly, those individuals would find another means to kill themselves if a gun were not available. I worked with a person who shot herself. Wife, mother, professional. But she was mentally unbalanced because of poorly administered anti-depressants. I guarantee she was smart enough and resolute to find another means had she not been able to buy a gun a few weeks earlier for this purpose.
The Governor is correct - 'school shootings' though rare - are symptoms of a cancer we refuse to acknowledge. Because we have been artfully manipulated by those who control what we read and hear in the media.
A comment suggests we should ban guns because it is 'easier' than trying to keep children off social media, violent computer games, etc. The Entertainment Industry has convinced us they are above regulation, but the 2000+ gun laws we have are insufficient. Most mass shootings were the result of someone obtaining a gun by violating existing laws. So, more 'common sense' gun laws on top of those will accomplish nothing.


The governour is absolutely right. We have a moral crisis in this country.He very persuasively lays out our failings, but then suggests that we don't anything to keep the millions of morally deficient Americans from owning guns. We have a huge share of our population that is morally corrupt. Why, WHY in the world would we allow the large part of the population that has little or know respect for others, that isn't mature, that is criminal, to possess guns???????????????????


That HAS to be one of the absolute best, and most accurate, videos I have ever seen! Well said Sir!

Globalist Juice

The late Senator Joe McCarthy was right ..... and he is still right.
Marxist/Communist/Socialist - all the same with one end goal = destroy the family unit. The Leftist-Feminist whipped themselves into a cult, with members following in droves. Females led to believe they are *less* of a woman if they nurture and care for their children and family - they must have careers to be a *real* woman. Males taught they are *less* of a man if they do not ooooooze emotion and tears out of every pore 24/7/365 - they are only a *real* man if they are effeminate. Children growing-up in daycare centers, and public schools, all led by people who wish to demoralize them - teachers and care-givers no longer lift the child up, but instead beat them down, tell them they are unworthy if they are White and accept their gender, but are more righteous if they are black, and only legitimate if they are a victim. Competition for most-victimized wins the prize, instead of prize-winners of accomplishment and success - societies stagnated and backward, never progressing forward, collective IQ's declining, personal self-image more important than biology standards and logic, children confused just because they are children/adolescence - now told they need to have it all sorted out before the age of 8, genders enforced by parents/peers and a society so decrepit and dysfunctional, our 8-year old boys pushed out the door in a dress, blue hair, and piercings - but there's no accounting for that child's desire to just fit-in, to be like everyone else - instead, they are forced to stand-out and be so very, very different.
When a society is governed by adults who are confused about their own gender, demand everyone love them and regard them as heroes, a society so sick with personal instability demand everyone accept the abnormal as normal, rewriting American and world history to accommodate the squeaky-wheel instead of truth, demonize entire group of people because they voted for Trump, delegitimize and dismember the Constitution, and demand 99.9% of the population should hand their nation over to 3rd world infestation - but we're not supposed to notice any of it. There's a problem with this .01% of the population, it is not going away with laws and restrictions. The only way to overcome our plight is through honest reflection, harsh realities, and sometimes painful reminders of how we came about the greatest country on the planet. It was not because of dysfunctional cultures, it was not because of Islam, it was not because of 3rd world infestations, it was not because of gender dysphoria, it was not because of a demolished family unit, it was not because of the absence of God, it was not because of emotional angst, it was not because of unwillingness to fight for the greatest nation on the planet. The decades of the .01% demanding their way 24/7/365 ... is over. It's time to put them in the corner, and demand they sit quiet. It's time to put our big-boy-pants on, and disregard this nonsense, it is illegitimate and it is more destructive than ISIS. Sometimes, the Lion has to show the jackals who he is. #MAGA


Governor you are heading in the right direction. May God bless you with a clear voice.

Desert Fox

Have you ever seen such inner anger in our country? Have you felt disgruntled because of all of the negative news. Have we ever witnessed such hatred acted out in our schools; on our streets; on TV; In our newspapers, and in the movies? Our theaters and movies and TV programs are filled with violence. Top that off with teachers, professors, and politicians filling the minds of young and old with their liberal indoctrination. We have had a social problem ever since you took God out of the classrooms. Let's look at the record of these school shootings and mass attacks in all venues. What do they have in common? They were all committed by our sick liberal demoncrats. Check every one of these shootings! We have witnessed riots and demonstrations by these liberals after every shooting except one. Do you know why that is? And not a blatant day after day report by the media! Did you see or hear a single word about gun control was said after Scalise was shot on the baseball field. No riots! No stampede to take away guns. Yes we do have a social problem and if we really want to take action to stop these shootings WE HAVE TO TAKE AWAY GUNS FROM DEMONCRATS.


Governor Bevin has a, shall we say, quaint understanding of gun violence in Kentucky. He must have forgotten about how Blacks were terrorized by whites who were carrying guns throughout the Jim Crow era. In one especially gruesome incident involving the Walker family, a family house was set on fire by Night Riders. When the family exited they were shot, including children.

Globalist Juice

"...took place near Hickman, Fulton County, Kentucky on October 3, 1908..."
What exactly, does this incident - which happened 110 years ago - have to do with what is going on today? Answer: Nothing whatsoever.
Why is it, the argument always transports the mind back a century in time, instead of dealing with the reality of today?
Shouldn't you ask the question: "Why is the black demographic shooting each other, and their culture of dysfunction among their own demographic is more destructive than 110 years ago under Jim Crow laws?". Because T H A T is the real question afterall, isn't it?


Here we go again with the crying about slavery---this is NOT THE ISSUE--but it figures--you are "mjf IN DC"!! DC doesn't count---only REAL STATES!!


Apparently the guvnah is way to intelligent for that smarmy dem libtard who asked him the question. It is too bad that the MSM will never show this governor's excellent reply. I wish I could vote for hiim.


In today's world with new technology it is critical we use good old fashion common sense. It starts with each one of us. Hollywood has had a direct influence on our culture. Compare Johnny Carson years ago to Saturday Live. See a difference? The solution is for each one of us to start in our homes and our communities. This Governor hit the nail on the head. We need to change a culture of a nation. Use your wallets! Hollywood will hear us. So will the NFL. So will the NRA. 1 by 1 we CAN make a difference.


I also recall, as a kid, what we referred to as "nut" houses to which we sent many if not all of these mental cases until they were declared fit to return. Did away with them many moons ago.


The governor gave an eloquent answer, but when he stated that we don't respect women as much, he lost me. Men are being respected less and less, and scorned more and more, especially white men. White men are ridiculed and disrespected constantly in the media. All you have to do is watch t.v. and open your eyes. Any man ridiculing any woman is considered a misogynist, and accusing anyone of color is being racist. Everyone is to be commended except white males, and maybe that's one of the reasons so many white males are committing mass shootings.


People argue eloquently and passionately in both sides, and I must admit that not all of them can be motivated by profit. In fact it would be good if we could eliminate those who are and get a better idea of who genuinely thinks that arming everyone is a good idea of itself. Meanwhile, could someone provide the statistics of how many home invasions have been foiled by residents with guns - and how many actual or supposed invasions have resulted in the death of an innocent person or persons?
My own view is that no 'Good Guy With A Gun' will ever be able to prevent a maniac with an automatic weapon from starting to kill people. And the good guy will have to be very near, very quick to respond, very well armed, very competent and probably very lucky if he is to survive intervening, let alone succeed in stopping the perpetrator.
It is however absolutely true that criminals can easily acquire weapons - in a society that is flooded with them. In a country where profit is GOD it seems very unlikely that any restriction in arms sales with ever occur. One last question. Are YOU prepared to fire a weapon at an unidentified figure - and fire first; for if it is a villain they certainly will be. And will you do that at a moving target in a room full of children or a public place full of people?


Have you ever lost your temper when it was not called for? Hangry is the new word! Yes we become irritable for no good reason. Why?....Our brains are chemically imbalanced from the junk foods we're eating that don't provide nutrients for even temperaments. Being hurt from friends or family, holding onto anger, coupled with an unnourished toxic brain or having low blood sugar creates emotional chaos and animal behavior, lashing out without thinking! Put a gun in that formula, .........! It's an American toxic food problem with bad behavior! Now how do we clean up that act?

Leo White

I accept that some of the cultural shifts pointed out by the Governor explain why kids are more likely than in the past to go to school and shoot people. Granting that, however, we can still be in favor of making it more difficult for citizens to get access to the more powerful weapons, as by doing so we make it less likely that 12 or 17 kids will be killed when someone brings a gun to school intending to harm others.


You cannot outlaw people from becoming "desensitized"! What can you do? Make a law that forces parents to be "involved" in their kid's school? Make it illegal for kids to get on the internet?
Know what sounds EASIER to enforce???
Make guns harder for children and unstable people to get!!! VERY SIMPLE.


If only the atheist Democrats would do a little research, they'd find that more people are killed with knives each year than guns, and that the cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest murder (by gun) rates (such as Chicago). Chicago has been run by Democrats for decades and what have they done to abate the slaughter? In 2015 in the U.S. some 13,286 people were killed by guns. 38,300 were killed on our highways in auto accidents. That's THREE TIMES AS MANY! Why is there no outcry to ban autos? It must be the cars killing those 38,300 right? You can't say it's the drivers, because you say that it's guns that kills others, not the people wielding the guns. We have to stay logical here....right? Or do you Libtards have the ability to think logically? After all, you think everyone will be safer when the law abiding citizens have no guns, but all the criminals do. Criminals will ALWAYS have ways to get them, and you know that. Please quit being a sheeple and think for yourselves!!! I think you'll be much more rational if you do.


Please do a little research. 70%+ of murders in the country are committed with guns ( ) as are roughly 50% of of the 44,000 yearly suicides, very few of which are with knives (.


Clearly well reasoned response focused on the root cause(s) of public discord.

We are witnessing a future problem solver with excellent prospects for follow-on National Office . . . thank you for presenting this.


Gov Bevins and the Governor of TEXAS need to form a partnership and run for the WHITE HOUSE, they are 2 of the smartest men on the planet and they totally understand the emasculation of American Husbands and the downward spiral of the MORALS of our young people. GUN control as wanted by the liberal IDIOTS would be totally supported by the lawless, they would then have access to every persons money and property without consideration of being confronted with a protective weapon.


Gov. Bevin is the smartest guy in the room. I appreciate the fact that he is not bullied by the ignorant woman asking the question and then insulting him with rolling eyes and disrespect. Liberalism does not build strong businesses, strong governments, strong churches or strong homes.


Gov. Bevin, God Bless You and thank you!


Excellent! It's not guns that are the problem. It's the criminals and the people with mental health issues who wield them. The NRA is no more responsible for the gun violence than the local cooking club is responsible for the pressure cooker bombs. Guns are not responsible for the crimes any more than knives, trucks, baseball bats, bombs or anything else used to kill people are responsible for the killings. It's the people who wield them. The Governor is correct that it's a multifaceted problem with lack of parenting, lack of dealing with mental health issues, social media, the mainstream media circus, socialism (lack of taking responsibility for oneself) and several other issues that are the problems. Those who think taking guns away from law abiding citizens will solve the problem are just lemmings following the liberal hype blindly. They aren't thinking at all. They want a band aid that will instantly fix the problem but that's not the fix. If you take the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, then who are the only ones who have guns (besides police)? The criminals! Then we all become helpless victims since there's nothing to deter the criminals. As for the mental issues, those people will find other means of mass killing, as they certainly have already. We must get back to values that matter. The sanctity of human life, caring for others, the golden rule, being responsible for oneself, parenting instead of giving over the raising of our children to our schools and the government were values we lived by so many years ago that seem to be missing from today's socieity. How many parents today take a hands off approach to raising their children? How many parents would never read their child's diary or online blogs or emails? That's part of the problem. They have no idea what their children are thinking. Parents must be involved! Parents must know what their children are dealing with and thinking and doing. And how many parents are actively teaching their children to hate and to take and to have that "you owe me" attitude? So I say it starts with parents, but lack of parenting isn't the only problem and thinking that banning guns will solve the problem is, as the governor stated, naive.


Thank you sir. What I really liked was that you did not have to look at any prepared notes, you spoke from the heart. I also appreciate that you called out the woman for rolling her eyes, her smirking, etc... as she had an agenda for more gun control as oppose to really approaching the real problem... and that is exactly as you stated. When are people going to realize that criminals do not obey the laws, those who want a gun can get it from the black market (all they have to have is money). We are way too PC in this country, and we don't place the blame where it truly belongs. The Dem from Cal posed as a gun control advocate, yet he was involved in gun traffic to bring in unregistered guns in NJ to be sold on the black market. These are the true villains, the ones who sell illegally and they don't care what the laws are. WE need more people like this governor who recognizes what the true problem is, and where it lies. I agree with Charlie, Billy Graham would point out that our nation has ignored God, forced Him out of schools and public places and with no absolute standard, people are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want. We have encouraged our kids not to take responsibility for their actions, that it is perfectly ok to disregard authority, to not respect anyone or anything, etc. Wish you were governor in the other 49 states... perhaps we could then get the national govt to enforce the laws we already have, and quit releasing criminals back into society to continue wreak violence upon law-abiding citizens.

Mark Woods

Bravo Gov. Bevin......Very well stated. Seldom, if ever, is there only 1 reason or contributor to produce a result.........any result. Pretend that serious gun laws are passed, teachers become armed, military personnel guard school grounds..........With little doubt, school shootings will resume and continue eventually. And in the meantime, how well are children going to learn in such an environment.
Persons who feel motivated to commit mass murders will find ways to successfully get their hands on the guns to accomplish it. A cultural shift must take place with all contributors identified and recognized as having the power they have that is influencing the current and sad situation society is finding itself in. Go back 30-50 years........identify the beliefs about and the values adhered to by most. What important but often scarce resources were available then and due to the erosion or the shifting to other "priorities", the funding to keep them available has all but disappeared. U.S. culture must accept responsibility, not look for blame, then proceed to address ALL contributing factors as well as the disappearing and absent factors that need to be brought back to contribute again....then, devote mind, body and spirit to the task of creating a robust and powerful CULTURAL SHIFT which probably yes, would include some focus on gun regulation needs but also hundreds of other bona-fide
ingredients that produce a resulting school tragedy.

enough is enough

I wish to congradulate the govenor, his remarks were the best I have heard in all the years I have heard anyone comment on school shootings. I too, can testify that this country has lost its care of human life thru the reckless news media, the so called entertainment industry, the politicans who make the laws ,families who are no longer in charge of their children and most of all they have loss of our religious beliefs, respect for our police, idiot judges and irresponsible govenors and mayors who reftrade the values of our society and sadly the children pay for it some even with their lives.
as to the ignorant woman seem to make a joke out of what the Govenor said, proves once again what a joke she has made of the seriousness of the crime committed.


Right on, Gov Bevin! You hit most of the nail on the head. What you did not mention is what Billy Graham would have added,i.e.------------ We have ignored God and put Him out of our lives....and our culture has suffered.
I, myself, would add; Wake Up America !

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