When the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet begins rolling out new standard and voluntary travel driver's licenses early next year, all first-time cardholder applicants or those requesting the upgraded IDs will need to present documentation at circuit court clerk's offices and DMVs around the state.

KYTC has launched an online interactive tool on drive.ky.gov to help residents determine what documents they will need before the rollout begins. The form guides users through a short series of questions and creates a personalized list of documents to bring with them when they apply for the card.

"This tool helps future applicants walk into the circuit court clerk office with confidence that they have the right documentation in hand by creating a tailored list of documents based on a range of individual considerations that affect what type of documents are necessary,” said Matt Henderson, commissioner for the Department of Vehicle Regulation. "Sparing a few minutes now can really pay off later by avoiding unnecessary, repeat trips, and it helps residents begin the process of replacing or updating documentation before it’s time to renew."

Applying for a driver's license in Kentucky may be more complicated than ever, as Kentucky's solution to what is called federal REAL ID legislation was two separate licenses -- one that qualifies applicants for domestic air travel and another that doesn't.

Applicants for the voluntary travel ID will need to present documentation that proves their identity, their Social Security number and two, separate proofs of residency. Documents can include a certified birth certificate, a U.S. passport or permanent resident card.

Those applying for personal ID cards that do not qualify for domestic air travel only surrender their current license and take a new photo.

According to the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics, a certified copy of a birth certificate can be acquired by contacting the vital statistics agency in your state of birth. To request a replacement Social Security card, Kentuckians will need to visit the Social Security Administration's website, ssa.gov.

For those Kentuckians whose personal information like their legal name is different than what is displayed on legal or lawful status documents, they must present additional documentation, such as marriage licenses or divorce decrees.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security intends to begin federal enforcement of REAL ID laws in Kentucky beginning Oct. 1, 2020, but Kentucky will begin a phased statewide rollout of the new ID information beginning in 2019 and concluding in the spring.

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