The man accused in the murder of Terrill Moore, 25, in August 2019, appeared in Christian Circuit Court Wednesday afternoon for a review and was ultimately allowed to be transported to the justice center to go over all of the evidence before his case is continued to its trial date in January.

Robert E. Torian III, 20, appeared in Judge Andrew Self’s court via Zoom while at the Christian County Jail while his defense attorney Jason Byrd appeared from his office.

Judge Andrew Self began the meeting by sharing with the court that Torian’s case is set for trial on Jan. 10 and Wednesday’s court date was scheduled to make sure that everyone involved in the case was on top of preparations and nothing additional had to be done before continuing the case to the trial date.

Byrd then explained that he had made an appointment with the justice center’s staff and the Christian County Jail to allow Torian to be transported to the justice center in order for Byrd to have a lengthy opportunity to review all of the evidence in the case with Torian prior to trial.

“We’ve made an appointment with your staff to get Mr. Torian over to the courthouse so that we could have a full day to go over all of the discovery (evidence) with him — videos, audio, paperwork, all that stuff,” Byrd said.

“I know that one of the concerns early on has been the restrictions on him having that kind of documentation in the jail.”

Byrd also shared that Torian’s defense team has been negotiating back and forth with Christian County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Boling on a possible resolution in the case, instead of going to trial.

“At this point, I think it would be best for us, about a month, month and a half prior to the trial date, if we could set some kind of motion date that way if there’s any other preliminary issues that need to be addressed by then we could have that set before the court and still have some time to work out any relevant issues before then,” Byrd said.

Both Self and Boling agreed to Byrd’s request and scheduled the motion hearing for Dec. 8.

Torian took the opportunity as he appeared before Self to share his frustration with not being able to review evidence in the case after two years in custody.

“It’s my right to have my motion (of discovery) — I’ve been in here for two years and I have not been able to go over my motion to study my case by myself,” Torian said to Self.

“I know it’s my right to have that. There’s no way possible that it’s being held for me. I’ve been lenient, going with the flow of the motions of the court and the system, but there’s no way possible that I’m just going to keep on getting held (from reviewing my evidence). It’s not right.”

Self explained to Torian that Byrd’s plan to have Torian transported to the justice center is to allow Torian and his defense team to do just that.

Byrd then advised the court that his appointment to have Torian transported to the justice center is set for Oct. 29.

Torian is charged with a single count of murder in the shooting death of Moore.

According to New Era archives, Hopkinsville police found Moore dead from a gunshot wound to the head in the early morning of Aug. 11, 2019, in a car in the area of Poplar Street and Whitney Place. He was found in the passenger seat of the car, the report added.

Torian is accused of shooting Moore in the back of the head.

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