The Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library will reopen at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 22 after being shut down for positive COVID-19 tests and inclement weather.

Originally, the library was scheduled to close for one week for cleaning after a single staff member tested positive for the virus. By the end of that first week five more staff members tested positive prompting the library to close for an additional two weeks.

“We ended up with about 35% of our staff testing positive,” HCCPL Director DeeAnna Sova said.

Then, the weather hit. The initial reopening was slotted for Feb. 15 but Sova said the inclement weather pushed the date back.

“We’ve been chugging along day-to-day to see how it is,” she said. “Then we got to the point today where it was the easiest decision to start brand new Monday.”

Sova said the library continues to be disinfected daily while an outside cleaning service continued to clean while employees were out.

For those who have active library cards, Sova said that online resources like Libby and databases that are still available.

The last closure has given the HCCPL time to work through opportunities on how patrons could access books virtually, explained Sova.

The Big Read program is a National Endowment for the Arts event which the library has hosted for the last six years, this year making seven, according to Sova.

“There’s something for all ages. It’s really to get the community to read together,” Sova said.

The book being featured for this year’s event is a mythological book titled Circle by Madeline Miller.

Sova explained that all events for The Big Read program will be available virtually.

One aspect Sova is excited for as the library reopens is the implementation of a new print management system.

“It’s all self driven and provides a no contact opportunity,” Sova said.

According to Sova, the new print management system will allow users to print from home and send items to the system and pay by credit card.

“We’re just waiting for the snow to go away and have some semblance of normal,” Sova said.

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