The Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library hosted its “Drop-In Dinner” event in Downtown Hopkinsville Saturday with positive success, allowing the library to nearly reach its goal and will ultimately be able to purchase a new book drop box.

Prior to the official beginning of the progressive-style dinner at 4 p.m., participants had to check in at the Hopkinsville Brewing Company between 12 and 3:30 p.m. for the “Epilogue,” where each person would receive an armband, a commemorative sili-pint cup and an itinerary.

The Drop-in Dinner then officially began at 4 p.m. Saturday with three separate groups starting at either Downtown Hopkinsville’s the Mixer, the Main Street Tavern or the Local for what the event dubbed as “Chapter 1.”

After spending roughly 30 minutes at the first stop, a guide, or “narrator” as the library dubbed them, would lead the group to their next stop at one of the three respective restaurants for “Chapter 2.”

Following “Chapter 2,” the groups headed to the last of three restaurants for “Chapter 3.”

Then, to top off the event for the day, each group would all meet at the Public Library for the “Epilogue,” which was hosted by the Corner Coffee House.

Each stop on the event included menus with drink pairings that highlighted each restaurant’s popular selections. Then at the “Epilogue,” the Library was decorated for the event and included a live music performance, a photo booth as well as coffee and dessert.

The event was hosted as a fundraiser to help the Library purchase a new book drop-off box after their most recent drop-off box had been broken beyond repair.

HCCPL’s Executive Director DeeAnna Sova shared that the Library’s goal was to sell 130 tickets to the event to help fund the purchase of the new box. The event ultimately sold 126 tickets, which Sova shared she was pleased with.

“Our goal was 130, so we’re not upset at all that we did not sell four — we are very happy with our turnout,” Sova said.

She added that with the 126 tickets sold as well as a recent generous donation of $3,000 from the Friends of the Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library, the Library will be able to make the purchase of a new drop-off box.

Sova estimated that from the ticket sales alone, the library made a roughly $4,200 profit to go towards the fundraiser. So, in total, the library raised around $7,200 for the new drop-off box, which Sova said costs anywhere between $7,000-$7,500.

Sova shared that since the library has raised enough funds to cover the purchase of the new box, it hopes to receive it and get it up and running for the community by some time in January.

Sova added that the event received a generous amount of positive feedback being that it was a progressive-style dinner, which had not yet been done in Downtown Hopkinsville.

“In general, everyone seemed to have a fantastic time.” Sova said, before adding that the event was mutually beneficial between the Library and the downtown restaurants that were featured in the event. “The event also gave us another reason to serve us an opportunity for us to give back and support some of our downtown restaurants the same way they support us.”

The library director also shared that she received several comments that the participants enjoyed the event because it was different than any other event in downtown Hoptown so far.

“It was just a different approach to a fundraising dinner, which was our goal — we wanted something different and, at the end of the day, we wanted people inside of our library, just to show that we are very proud of what we have here,” Sova said.

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