The incumbent Christian County Judge Executive, Steve Tribble, has officially filed for reelection.

Tribble had previously announced he planned to run for another term, but turned in his candidate paperwork to the Christian County Clerk’s Office on Friday. He became the fourth person to register to run for the seat, but is the first Democrat to do so. Earlier this month three Republicans — Katie Moyer, Jerry Gilliam and Dan Mason — all filed to run and will be in the May primary for the office. So far, Tribble will be unopposed in the primary.

Also on Friday, Republican J.E. Pryor registered to run for Magistrate District 4. He will be running in the primary against incumbent Republican Darrell L. Gustafson, who has also filed. Incumbent Democrat Magaline Ferguson also filed for reelection for Magistrate, District 1 on Friday.

Other candidates who had previously registered to run for office during the 2022 election cycle include:

  • Republican Vince Farrell, Hopkinsville Mayor
  • Republican James R. Knight, Hopkinsville Mayor
  • Democrat Michael Pendleton, Hopkinsville Mayor
  • Republican Katie Moyer, Christian County Judge Executive
  • Republican Jerry Gilliam, Christian County Judge Executive
  • Republican Dan Mason, Christian County Judge Executive
  • Republican Tyler DeArmond, Christian County Sheriff
  • Republican Erica Newby, Christian County Clerk
  • Democrat Walter G. Cummings, Christian County Clerk
  • Republican Adam Smith, Christian County Jailer
  • Republican Scott Daniel, Christian County Coroner
  • Democrat Mark Wells, Magistrate District 2
  • Democrat Mark E. Cansler, Magistrate District 3
  • Republican George Barnett, Magistrate District 3
  • Republican Darrell L. Gustafson, Magistrate District 4
  • Democrat Rich Leibe, Magistrate District 5
  • Republican Phillip Peterson, Magistrate District 6
  • Republican Mike Walker, Magistrate District 7
  • Republican Russ Guffey, District 7 Magistrate
  • Democrat David Fernandez, Magistrate District 7
  • Republican Donald Marsh, Hopkinsville City Council Ward 3
  • Republican Chuck Crabtree, Hopkinsville City Council Ward 4
  • Republican Travis W. Martin, Hopkinsville City Council Ward 6
  • Republican Mark A. Graham, Hopkinsville City Council Ward 7
  • Republican Jamie Lynn Lienberger, Hopkinsville City Council Ward 9
  • Republican Steve Keel, Hopkinsville City Council Ward 10
  • Republican Mark O. “Bubba” Haddock, Constable District 8

The deadline for filing for partisan races that may require a primary is Jan. 7, 2022, at 4 p.m. the non-partisan filing deadline is June 7, 2022, at 4 p.m.

The primary election will be held on May 17, 2022 and the general election will be held on Nov. 8, 2022.

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