Moonshine on the small screen

Arlon Casey Jones, Casey Jones Distillery co-owner and master distiller, is filmed at the distillery for an episode of “Authentic America.”

Christian County’s own Casey Jones Distillery will be featured on CircleTV’s Authentic America in the second season’s fourth episode airing Apr. 27 at 9 p.m. CT.

Authentic America, hosted by Grand Ole Opry host Nan Kelly and her Grammy-nominated husband Charlie, adventures across the country in search of unique experiences and attractions.

The episode will feature an intimate behind-the-scenes experience of the Casey Jones Distillery.

Founder and Master Distiller, Arlon “AJ” Casey Jones said he hopes the segment will boost tourism in the area.

Jones said that whenever visitors come to the distillery, both him and his employees share local restaurants for them to try.

“Anytime you have a national TV show highlighting us as a special place to visit means tourist dollars spent in our distillery and our community,” Jones said.

Jones explained that this is not the distillery’s first time on national TV. The total eclipse and their Total Eclipse Moonshine was their initial claim to TV fame in 2017.

For Jones, the Authentic America segment differs because they truly covered the inner workings of the distillery.

After being contacted in April of 2020 by the show’s producers, Jones explained that the show’s hosts wanted to cover more local attractions due to the pandemic and because of Nan’s brain surgery.

Jones explained that it took a few months between the initial discussion with producers to the segment’s filming.

The segment was filmed at the distillery in October 2020.

He also explained that the show’s producers were so impressed with the distillery that their coverage will span two segments of the show.

While filming was taking place, Jones said they shot some scenes discussing bottling, tapping into a barrel, the still, their sanitizer production and history.

Jones also said that the show’s hosts really wanted to emphasize the distillery itself rather than the products.

Discussing the distillery’s sanitizer production last year, Jones said, “We felt like we did the right thing there because we felt like we saved a lot of lives. It was important and it still is to a lot of people. We were honored that we had an opportunity to do that.”

Jones detailed how fun the shoot was and how amazing it was to work with the cast and crew.

“They’re about picking a destination off of the main (road),” Jones said.

“We have good employees and we give people a good experience here and that’s what they wanted to highlight.”

The episode will be reaired on May 1 at 9:30 p.m. and May 2 at 3:30 p.m. Jones said that the episode should be rerun roughly 25 times throughout the year which he is hopeful will keep visitors coming.

The distillery does not have any current plans to host a special event for the episode but hopes to have a meet-and-greet event with the show’s hosts later on as COVID-19 numbers continue to decrease.

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