Planters Bank announced the start of the second cohort of the Wealth Builder program after incurring a waitlist from the first cohort.

In partnership with Eric D. Coleman Financial Group, Wealth builder is a four-step program that is designed to help participants achieve financial freedom and build long-term, sustainable wealth.

Christian County native, Eric Coleman will educate and empower generations of individuals to take charge of their personal finances and become wealth builders.

“Our company is committed to equipping generations of individuals with the tools and strategies required to build long-term, sustainable wealth,” Coleman said.

“We are excited to work with Planters Bank on this endeavor. Both companies share a mutual desire to empower low and moderate income households to achieve financial independence. We will measure our impact. If it doesn’t get measured it won’t get done.”

This financial literacy program will teach participants to allocate, manage and optimize cash generation, understand how to eliminate non-productive debt, improve credit score, build emergency funds, prepare for homeownership and create multiple streams of income through real estate investing, business building and stock market investing from layman’s perspective.

“Planters Bank is proud to support this financial literacy effort. We are excited about partnering with Eric D. Coleman Financial Group and look forward to the many benefits this training will provide, not only to participants but to our community as a whole,” Planters Bank CEO Elizabeth McCoy said.

The program will run for six weeks. Program participants will meet on Tuesday from 6-7 p.m. in the Latham Room at Planters Bank.

Program Participants will also have access to one year of one-on-one financial coaching.

The program is limited to 20 participants, and costs $55.

The second cohort will begin on May 18th. For further information, contact Jennifer Maddux, Community Reinvestment Act Officer at (270) 887-6891.

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