Jeffers Bend

Jeffers Bend sits on over 35 acres with a walking trail of 2.7 miles, and with a lake that stretches an acre itself.

The Pennyrile RC&D Area Council., in cooperation with Jeffers Bend Steering Committee, Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority, Rogers Group, Inc., and Christian County Fiscal Court, will have a dedication ceremony to celebrate the construction of a new pavilion at Jeffers Bend Environmental Center at noon on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

The new pavilion will be 30x40 feet and will be an addition to Jeffers Bend Environmental Center.

It will be used for various events and activities at Jeffers Bend to include the following: water festival, fishing, field trips for schools, the highly anticipated nature fest each year, torchlight tales of the Bell Witch, the annual Christmas at the Bend, activities for HWEA employes, and outdoor events for churches, families, corporations, civic organizations and businesses.

As the pavilion has already been constructed, in the upcoming week the landscaping layout will begin.

Jeffers Bend sits on over 35 acres with a walking trail of 2.7 miles, and with a lake that stretches an acre itself. Jeffers Bend nature center provides open space for the community to enjoy. Environmental centers such as Jeffer Bend allow for many benefits such as relieving stress in a peaceful nature filled environment as well as calming the mind. Studies show that anxiety, depression, and anger are decreased after spending time outdoors. If you’ve not experienced a time at Jeffers Bend Environmental Center there’s no better time like the present. While it’s located in a secluded part of town, with the sunshine, fresh air and subtle breezes between the tress the center provides: Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Charles Turner, RC&D Coordinator said he is looking forward to the dedication on Wednesday.

“We encourage the community to come out to the dedication,” Turner said. “Jeffers Bend is for the community. Anytime we add on and extend the lands we always encourage everyone to join. We are hoping to get more Churches involved at Jeffers Bend. The lands provide for a great cookout.”

There will be a short ceremony that will take place on behalf of the pavilion. Those invited to speak at the dedication are as follows: Derrick Watson, President/CEO, HWEA, Lori Harper, Rogers Group, Inc, Steve Tribble: Christian County Judge Executive, Jeff Hurd: Manager of Hopkinsville Electric System, Mark Withers, Chair, Jeffers Bend Steering Committee, Mark Cansler, Magistrate and RC&D Treasurer, Pennyrile RC&D Area Council, Inc., and Charles Turner, RC&D Coordinator (Volunteer), Pennyrile RC&D Area Council, Inc.

For additional information regarding the dedication ceremony or other information call the Pennyrile RC&D office at (270) 885-5600 or send an email to

Jeffers Bend Environmental Center is located at 950 Metcalfe Ln, Hopkinsville, KY 42240.

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