A jury trial was set in the North Kentucky Avenue murder case Wednesday afternoon in Judge Andrew Self’s courtroom after defense attorneys invoked their clients’ Fifth Amendment right to a speedy trial.

Larayna Manning, 48, and Anthony Manning, 25, both appeared in Self’s court via Zoom while at the Christian County Jail as their defense attorneys Shannon Powers and Jason Pfeil appeared in court in person.

Pfeil, who is representing Larayna, stated to Self on Wednesday that the defense wanted to invoke Larayna’s right to a fair and speedy trial and requested that a trial date be set.

“Earlier today I had filed a written motion for a fast and speedy trial,” Pfeil said to the judge. “And, I’m invoking the notice for KRS 501.10, as the court is aware, that requires setting the trial within 180 days.”

Christian County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Boling shared with Self that he does intend to try both Mannings at once and estimated the trial to last just over a week. Self ultimately agreed with the defense’s request to invoke the Fifth Amendment right and began discussing with attorneys when the trial could be held.

After a lengthy discussion and each of the attorneys as well as the judge examining their schedules, Self set the Mannings’ trial to begin on Oct. 4.

The judge also set a final pretrial conference for both Mannings on Aug. 30.

Following that decision, Pfeil requested that Larayna’s other two cases in Self’s court, which are not related to the murder case, also be scheduled on the Aug. 30 final pretrial conference date. Self agreed.

Larayna is accused in the homicide of Calvin Taylor, 70, on Oct. 12, 2020 at a home on North Kentucky Avenue. Anthony is accused as an accomplice to the murder.

Larayna is charged with murder and first-degree robbery while Anthony is charged with complicity to murder and complicity to first-degree robbery.

According to New Era archives, Larayna was driven to Taylor’s home by her son, Anthony and had allegedly intended to obtain drugs at the home.

Larayna allegedly entered the home while Anthony stayed in the vehicle. While Anthony was waiting inside, he heard gunshots and entered the home to find Taylor shot and Larayna inside a bathroom.

Larayna allegedly asked Anthony if Taylor was dead and if they should call the police.

Archives state that Anthony allegedly told her not to call the police.

Taylor was later found by HPD officers with gunshot wounds to his head and abdomen and his mouth and wrists had been duct-taped, indicating there may have been a robbery.

Drugs, cash and a safe were reportedly missing from the home, according to the archives.

Also according to archives, another vehicle had also arrived at Taylor’s home around the same time the Mannings arrived.

It is not clear if Larayna had fired any shots and police are continuing to investigate the other vehicle and suspects.

In other court news, three suspects indicted on organized crime charges for their involvement in a local criminal group known as “Face Shot Gang” appeared in court Wednesday morning and afternoon to be arraigned on those charges.

Antoniyon Cayce, 19, and Jacquez Redd, 21, appeared in Judge John Atkins’ court Wednesday morning while Tyresse Hollowell, 21, appeared in Self’s court Wednesday afternoon.

Redd was the first to appear in court, appearing via Zoom while at the Christian County Jail.

Redd requested that he be appointed a public defender before Eric Bearden stood in to waive the formal reading of his indictment and enter a not guilty plea on Redd’s behalf.

Following Bearden standing in for Redd, Redd requested if his bond could be reduced and asked Atkins why his bond was set at $20,000 while his some of his codefendants in the case had their bonds set at $10,000.

Atkins explained to Redd that the court does not take up bond requests at arraignment and that his appointed attorney could address the issue on his next court date, Aug. 11.

Next to appear was Cayce, who shared with Atkins that he intends to hire a private attorney.

Atkins explained to Cayce that when he does hire an attorney to tell them that his case is continued to its first pretrial conference on Aug. 11.

Hollowell later appeared in Self’s court that afternoon while at the Hopkins County Jail.

Hollowell originally had two other cases in Self’s court as well as a case in Hopkins County.

However, being that Hollowell has eight other codefendants expected in the organized crime case in Atkins’ court, Self made the decision to transfer all of Cayce’s Christian County cases to Atkins’ court and continued his cases to the same Aug. 11 date as his codefendants.

All three men are charged with engaging in organized crime for their alleged involvement in the local criminal gang.

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