The suspect accused in the murder of Terrill Moore, 25, in August was indicted by a Christian County Grand Jury Friday morning.

Robert E. Torian III, 18, Hopkinsville, was indicted on a single murder charge for the shooting of Moore following a preliminary hearing Aug. 26.

The preliminary hearing was held to determine if there was probable cause to send the case to a grand jury for an indictment.

The hearing was heard by Judge Foster Cothoff who ultimately decided there was probable cause.

At the hearing, Hopkinsville Police Department Detective Randall Greene testified about evidence he gathered for the investigation.

According to New Era archives and police reports, HPD found Moore dead from a gunshot wound to the head in the early morning of Aug. 11 in a car near Poplar Street and Whitney Place. He was found in the passenger seat of the car, the report added.

Greene told the court during the hearing that he was able to interview two witnesses who came forward, one who allegedly admitted to driving the car Moore was discovered in.

The two witnesses told police Torian was an occupant of the car that Sunday morning. The driver identified Torian out of a photo lineup and stated Torian was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle, according to Greene.

Greene told the court the incident began when Torian and Moore got into an argument at a party in the area. A short time later, Torian was allegedly seen by one witness getting into the car that Moore was found in.

The driver, Moore and Torian drove around the neighborhood before Torian is alleged to have gotten out of the vehicle, opened the front passenger door and shot Moore.

Torian was arrested the next day in Clarksville. After being read his Miranda rights, he agreed to an interview with police and Greene was present.

The detective said Torian told police during the interview that he and Moore had been at the party and got into an argument where Moore pulled a gun on Torian.

Greene said Torian did not admit to shooting Moore or to having a gun at the time of the incident.

A murder weapon has not been located, Greene said.

The investigation did find that Moore had a handgun in his jacket pocket, but the gun's bullets did not match the bullet that was determined to have killed Moore.

Greene stated to the court that the driver described Moore as being shot in the face, but a preliminary autopsy showed Moore was shot in the back of the head and the bullet exited from his face.

After Greene concluded his testimony, Torian's attorney, Rick Sanborn, asked Greene several questions about the case.

The attorney asked Greene to repeat what was found from the autopsy report, being that Moore was found to have been shot in the back of the head. Sanborn also asked Greene why he didn't do a follow-up interview with the driver, who, Greene stated, told police Moore was shot in the face.

Greene said the driver could have thought Moore was shot in the face after he initially saw the exit wound rather than the initial shot in the back of his head, which he would not have been able to see without moving Moore's body.

Sanborn reiterated that no murder weapon has been found. The only gun found was the one Moore had on his person.

Sanborn also asked the detective if the driver had been searched. Greene said no, but his clothes were taken as evidence.

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