Woman gets keys just in time for Christmas

Mayor Dan Kemp gives Sandra Langley the keys to her new house at 706 Hayes St. Thursday afternoon. The house was built through the city’s Home Improvement Program.

A vicious wind ripped through the town Thursday afternoon, bending trees and wreaking havoc on signs. Luckily for Sandra Langley, she had a brand-new home to guard against it.

Mayor Dan Kemp gave Langley the keys to her new home Thursday afternoon. The home at 706 Hayes St. was part of the city’s Home Improvement Program.

“This is a wonderful, grand occasion in Hopkinsville, Ky., when we get to present the keys to a beautiful new home, a new addition on Hayes Street,” Kemp said.

The Home Improvement Program uses state housing funds to help residents who have dilapidated homes that are beyond repair. Langley applied to be a part of the program, and the city approved her application. Her old home was demolished in September, and five months later, Jerry’s Home Improvement had built a new one in its place.

On Thursday, the city and Langley signed all of the necessary paperwork, and the home is now officially hers.

“Hopefully, they will get in by Christmas,” said Lee Ann Sorrell Futrell, community development planner. “We’ve been fighting for that.”

Langley said she was excited to be able to move back into her home, and she didn’t plan on wasting any time in getting the house ready and decorated for Christmas.

Most of all, Langley said she felt “extremely blessed.”

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