Christian County Public Schools will follow Gov. Andy Beshear’s orders and move to non-traditional instruction to finish the semester, beginning Monday. The 2,050 students enrolled in the Virtual Learning Academy will not be effected.

As of 2 p.m., the district has 23 in-person students with active COVID-19 cases. That number is out of around 6,000 students. The district also has 14 in-person staff members with active cases.

“Our school system already had plans to do two days of NTI on Nov. 23 …,” Laura Morris, CCOS assistant superintendent of administration, said at a school board meeting Thursday. “It was a way for us to work with our students, if any students were behind on assignments or any work activities they needed to complete.”

She added that the two planned NTI days would give schools the opportunity to make contacts with all of the students and families throughout the district to check in on how things were going.

“The executive order changed what we were doing,” she said.

She said the district made the “swift move” to look at how to extend its NTI plan.

“Before school even started we worked hard to have many tools, whatever our instruction was to look like,” Morris said. “So we are ready to make that move to NTI.”

She said that since the middle and high schools have been working in a hybrid model, the transition should be smoother than the in-person shut down last school year. Elementary schools spent the final day of in-person instruction Friday preparing students for the move to virtual learning.

During the NTI phase, CCPS employees will still work inside the buildings.

“We’re very intentional to provide student support,” Morris said. “That was a big part of this (NTI) plan.”

For instance, school nurses will continue working within the buildings, keeping track of student health. School-based therapists will also continue working with their caseloads from inside the buildings.

“That’s an important part of what we do every day,” Morris said.

The district has also created a Student Support While at Home Team. That team is in charge of keeping track of students that may not be staying connected to the schools.

“What will happen within our schools is, there will be a bus on standby for every school,” Morris said. “And if we are not having good contact with our students, if students aren’t completing assignments, if we need to do a wellness check … a team from the school will actually go out to the home and assess and try to help the children.”

CCPS Superintendent Chris Bentzel applauded the district’s staff for working hard to transition to NTI.

“I want to assure that this is not the pandemic NTI that we went through in March,” Bentzel said Thursday. “We are expecting our students to work and get their work done, period.

“And we will be there to support them, to intervene if theres a problem or an issue, to accommodate, to cheerlead for them. But from Nov. 30 to Dec. 18, we cannot lose ground.”

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