Christian County Magistrate Jerry Gilliam announced today that he intends to run for Christian County Judge-Executive in the upcoming November 2022 election.

Gilliam has served as a magistrate for District 7 since 2018 and currently works with Ag Quest Financial Services, helping provide financial resources to area farmers to help them operate a successful farm.

“I am honored to have served as a Christian County Magistrate for the past three years,” Gilliam wrote in a press release.

“I believe Christian County needs a business-model approach to all spending and investments. I believe we need to focus on creating additional revenue sources that don’t unfairly burden residents. And, I believe we need a focus on economic development opportunities that best fit our community.

“While I can contribute to that progress as Christian County Magistrate, I intend to lead that charge in a greater service capacity to the citizens of Christian County as County Judge-Executive.”

Gilliam has been involved in Christian County and state leadership roles throughout his career, the release stated.

Gilliam’s promise to be transparent, accessible and to listen to the citizens’ concerns all led to his decision to announce his candidacy in hopes to continue serving in a greater capacity as judge-executive, the release added.

Prior to his role with Ag Quest and serving as a magistrate, Gilliam was a professor and chief community, workforce and economic development dean at the Hopkinsville Community College.

“Gilliam intends to bring his unique skill set to the role of Christian County Judge-Executive, focusing on economic development, community engagement, quality of life issues and equitable taxation methods for Christian County,” the release said.

Steve Tribble is currently serving as Christian County Judge-Executive.

Tribble has not yet made any announcement concerning running for re-election or stepping away from the position come the upcoming election.

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