The Christian County Health Department reported Friday 24 new COVID-19 cases. The county has 231 active cases, counting only the testing done at Tie Breaker Park.

Of the active cases, 44 are under the age of 21. Residents between the ages of 22 and 59 account for 104 of the active cases.

Older adults — those between 60 and 84 years old — make up 63 of the active cases. Residents over the age of 85 make up 20 cases.

The county has seen 1424 residents recover from the virus. That is 22 more recovered cases since Thursday.

The county death toll has not risen from 28 since Thursday.

Gov. Andy Beshear reported Friday 1,319 new cases throughout the state.

“Our COVID report today adds to a tough week,” Beshear said. “We need to buckle down; we need to wear masks; we need to follow that rule of no gatherings above 10 people at our homes.”

He reported that 189 of the new cases were of residents 18 years old or younger. Thirty six of the cases were children five years old or younger.

He added that the youngest cases was a child only seven days old.

He also reported four new deaths. Those deaths do not include the two Christian County residents reported by the local health department Thursday.

“My faith tells me I have to treat my neighbor as myself, and that means I have to protect my neighbor, whether I know them or not,” Beshear said. “My rights stop where they could be harmed. Let’s do the right thing and let’s follow our values.”

The state has performed at least 1,773,349 COVID-19 tests since the pandemic began. The statewide positivity rate is at 4.7%.

Beshear said that he and his family, while still in quarantine, have not tested positive for the virus.

“We are going to continue quarantining, as asked by the Department for Public Health, because that’s what everybody else is asked to do in this same situation,” he said. “We want to set a good example.”

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