Dobay also faces December DUI charges from HPD

A Nashville gynecologist who lost his medical license last month for overprescribing pills to his girlfriend and others practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Hopkinsville for several years prior to crossing the state line.

According to a Tennessee consent order, Dr. Kristin J. Dobay voluntarily surrendered his license Sept. 18 after the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners found his actions "unprofessional, dishonorable and unethical."

According to the consent order, a doctor who worked with Dobay at Patient Centered Care LLC in Mt. Juliet discovered several prescriptions written under her own name to Dobay's girlfriend, whom she had never seen or provided treatment to.

On Jan. 4, Walgreens filled the following prescriptions for Dobay's girlfriend — 90 Ritalin, 25 Clonazepam, 180 Gabapentin with two refills, 30 Abilify with two refills and 60 Depakote with two refills, the order states.

Further review of Dobay's prescribing record from the addiction treatment center Patient Centered Care showed that he wrote prescriptions for four other individuals who were not patients at the center.

On Jan. 8, one patient was prescribed Methadone and Oxycodone well above the recommended daily milligram equivalent, but in the order, Dobay denied writing the prescription.

"Respondent avers that while this is his prescription pad and DEA number, he does not recall writing the prescription," the order states.

Just a month before, Dobay was arrested by Hopkinsville police for allegedly driving under the influence around 12:43 a.m. Dec. 7. The order states Dobay faced previous DUI charge from Kentucky State Police in 2011. According to the Christian County court docket, Dobay will be in court for the most recent DUI charge Nov. 21. 

Over several months from January to late April, Dobay is alleged to have written prescriptions to an administrative employee of Patient Centered Care for hundreds of Adderall pills among other drugs, which the employee "admitted to selling prescriptions Respondent provided to her for monetary gain."

Dobay was terminated from the center in early June.

According to New Era archives, prior to practicing in Tennessee, Dobay earned his license to practice in Kentucky in 2003 and was named the cancer liaison physician at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital that year.

He also practiced at OB Gyn Associates and later formed the Wellness Center of Hopkinsville parent company of Awaken Salon and Spa in downtown Hopkinsville.

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure lists his most recent address in Hopkinsville and his status as "inactive physician."

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